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Vonage Releases Time to Call Application

Vonage has released a new application, titled “Time to Call” which will allow for users to make international VoIP calls from your unlocked iPhone 4 and other iOS devices. It will make things a little less complicated and willVonage Releases Time to Call Application definitely allow for users to more easily make international calls. The application will allow for you to make shorter calls, up to 15 minutes in length and to more than 190 countries in total. The race for each call, depending on the country that you will be calling, will range from a total of $.99 to $9.99 per call.


Payments for the application will be processed through iTunes, and you will not need to create a separate account for Vonage in order to use the application. There are a few features that will make it a better choice for users than Skype and other devices, including the fact that it will have the WiFi Everywhere connection connected to it.


The application will also utilize the 3G that is available to route the United States and Canada. You will pay the same rate whether you are calling from iphone 4 unlocked or landlines through the application, which should make it a popular option for those of us that are making many international calls. It is interesting to see so many of these VoIP applications released in recent times, but this Vonage Time to Call application seems to be one of the best and provides a number of benefits over other competitors such as Skype.

The cheap rates for the international calls will be a huge draw to the application, and you can bet that they will be able to garner a huge user base as a result of the cheap calls and feature rich environment that they have provided. To say the least, they have provided a very interesting application that should compete with the best calling applications that are currently on the market.