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Vimeo To Support iPhone & Android Devices

There has been a considerable dearth as far as Flash support for iPhones and iPod Touches, and most of the Android devices as well, which has made it hard for any video sites that are Flash-based to get into the action as far as the bourgeoning market of video consumer devices and Smartphones. Apple iDevice and Android users everywhere will likely be delighted to hear that there are new offerings starting today that they can use on their gadgets of choice.


The ever popular YouTube website was able to implement a way in which they could work around the issue by encoding all of the up-loaded videos in two separate files, Flash and .mp4 but other sites have not been able to get into the same mode, and have been left out in the cold. Unfortunately for those who use these devices, YouTube was about the only website that was able to make this king of magic happen, and iPhone and Android users have had to be patient and bide their time waiting for others to come on board.

Fortunately, there has been a breakthrough that will allow Vimeo to bring out some support for iPhones and Androids, even though it will have to be on a limited platform. Vimeo has solved this lock out problem by re-encoded the favorites and High-Def video showcases to enable them to play on iPhones and iPod Touches, as well as on an Android handset. Mobile friendly Vimeo's busy website ought to have these available today for interested iPhone and Android users. Therefore, for those who have an unlocked iPhone cell phone, iPod Touch, or Android and have been anxiously awaiting the promised files, a virtual trip on the web with a stop at Vimeo will perhaps net them some long-awaited support for their favorite mobile device.