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Verizon’s LTE speeds may actually be faster than anticipated

Verizon Wireless announced some exciting news on Tuesday after testing the wireless data speeds of their new LTE network, which is primed to replace the current 3G network. The news from Verizon was that the test results were “shocking” and “faster than ever suggested.”  This comes as a great surprise to many as Verizon now expects to beat rival wireless company ATT into the LTE business by 12-18 months.

Field tests were conducted in Boston and Seattle in August and Verizon Wireless now expects to deliver these services to about 25 – 30 markets by the end of 2010.  The test results that have shocked all of the Verizon Wireless engineers have shown an average download rate of 5Mbit/sec to 12Mbit/sec along with an uplink speed of 2Mbit/sec to 5Mbit/sec.  With rates like these Verizon customers could expect to experience the same web surfing speeds as they don on their home computer.

Some other aspects of this announcement that have tech gurus all excited is that Verizon Wireless demonstrated the capacity to perform a live videoconference using this new LTE technology.  This is an amazing feat and really demonstrates the powers that this new wireless network can really have.  Testers were also able to successfully stream a movie in 1080p high definition to a handheld device which is primed to change the way we watch videos on our handheld devices.

Imagine the possibilities this type of technology could lead to.  Soon you may be able to have a live video conference with several friends or colleagues using your unlocked cell phone while watching a movie and checking the stock market.  When something this ground breaking comes along it really makes you start to wonder what could possibly come next.