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Verizon Wireless rolls out webOS to the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

Starting today Verizon Wireless is rolling out the webOS update to Pre Plus and Pixi Plus owners.  The update is a modest 11mb in size and includes minor bug fixes including one that addresses the “sticky key” problem many users have been experiencing.  Pinch to zoom is also being expanded into Docs and PDF, WiFi to CDMA hand-off is going to be more consistent and battery life while using Bluetooth has also been improved.  The update is over the air and should arrive to the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus within the next 48 hours.  Below is a full list of updates that are included with webOS

Palm Pre Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone
· Easier to use Bluetooth.
o Improved battery life when turning off Bluetooth without unpairing a device.
· Displayed time feature is more accurate.
o Automatic updates for Daylight Saving Time.
· Easier connection management.
o More consistent EV-DO connections when switching from Wi-Fi to CDMA.
· Better Touchstone charger integration.
o The screen will now turn off and display the lock icon and time after the Pixi Plus is docked with the Touchstone charger.
· Newly taken photos and videos do not overwrite existing ones.
o Improved picture display when cropping a picture for a contact.
· Improvements:
o Pinch to zoom now works in more applications.
o The onscreen volume slider now appears correctly.
o The forward gesture now works in the browser.
o The back gesture now returns to the file list screen in certain applications.
o The shutter sound is more responsive when taking a picture.
o A single press of the power button now reliably wakes  up the display.
o The LCD reset issue has been resolved.