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Verizon Set To Offer Blackberry Storm2

The soon to be released Blackberry Storm2 is the highly anticipated improvement on the original. In a previous post we shared our thoughts about the phone and the new features to expect with this version. At the time we only had an estimate of when it was going to be released here in the US. Well, we just got word that the Blackberry Storm2 is set to be available to Verizon business customers as early as Wednesday (October 26th).


Pricing is set to be $179.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate on a 2 year contract. Rest assured many of the die hard Blackberry fans will be lining up to get this phone. Many are anxious to use the new SurePress touch screen technology and built-in Wi-fi included with the Blackberry Storm2.

Source: Boy Genius Report