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Verizon and Samsung's Convoy

Late last week, Verizon Wireless and Samsung announced the new push-to-talk handset from Samsung -the Samsung Convoy.  The very durable phone can withstand shock, vibration, humidity, salt fog, solar radiation, low and high temperature, and altitude. It is also dust resistant which is rather cool for a handset. It is indeed a durable phone because everything under the hood is built to mil-spec. No more worrying about dropping your phone because it the Samsung Convoy can withstand that. Since it is waterproof, no need to worry about rain or spilling water on your phone anymore.

The Convoy is the perfect partner on the road armed with high quality stereo speakers, you will never get lonely while trekking a dirt road. You will not get lost either because the Convoy has GPS. For those who are fond of sending photos, videos, or music, the convoy is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1. If taking photos through your handset is ideal for you, fret no more because Samsung's Convoy has a 2-megapixel camera as well.

samsung-verizonThis rather rugged phone has an extended battery life. People who love to literally go the distance will love this cell phone as well. Apart from its durability, one of the best features of the Convoy is its affordable price. It will be out on November 15 for only $50.

With a very durable phone at such a low price, Samsung fans are now starting to think of changing their phones and getting that Convoy. Who would not want a Convoy anyway -it is durable, looks rather rugged but completely sturdy, and has the basics of a good functioning phone.

For more information about agreements and other details about the Convoy, you can go and visit Verizon Wireless or just wait for updates here. The lot of us is looking forward to its release as well.

One thought on “Verizon and Samsung's Convoy”

  • Amber

    This phone is SO not waterproof!! I called Verizon today because my phone had fallen in the tub and in water for approx 2 sec and now it does not work! I haven't had it a year and my warranty does not cover it because it isn't a waterproof phone...words right from the mouths of the people working for verizon! SO I have to pay to get another one. I thought it was waterproof, that's why I got this phone, but it isn't and now I'm out a phone. I am very upset at this. Yeah, it's military spec. but not waterproof!