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Verizon and iSkoot Use Social Beat to Better their Smartphone Features

By offering what they call “Social Beat,” Verizon and iSkoot have introduced a new, free social networking application. Armed with “Social Beat,” fans of the social networking sites can carry out all of their mobile networking with one single application.

VerizonVerizon and iSkoot have made important adaptations to iSkoot’s Kalaida platform. Those adaptations promise to facilitate access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email, and close to 50 other RSS feeds. Thanks to the introduction of Social Beat, the information from those RSS feeds will now reach the handsets of a larger number of those that follow the social networking sites.

Granted, there will still be some users of the Verizon phone line up that will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Social Beat. Verizon cannot guarantee that each member of its line of communication products has been equipped to handle the Social Beat offerings. However, Verizon has promised that at least 20 of its various handsets will do an excellent job of receiving the messages sent by way of the Social Beat software.

Now the vast majority of Smartphone users will no longer need to switch from one application to the next, in order to acquire information from all of the popular social networking sites. They will not have to remain in suspense about what Sarah Palin has put on her Facebook page, after reading the recent tweet from a CNN correspondent.

Most Smartphone users can see an end to worries about what new information has appeared on Twitter, while they have been reviewing their incoming Email messages. Thanks to Social Beat, those Smartphone users can anticipate a chance to switch easily from their Email account to the RSS feed from Twitter.

News of Social Beat seems poised to spread fast, throughout the entire community of social networking sites.