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Twitter Overall 2010 Trends Shed Light on Tech Industry Competition

Twitter released their “Top Twitter Trends of 2010” list today, and you might be surprised by some of the results. As you might already be able to guess, Apple was a huge winner according to the list, and their products held three of the top four spots on the list.

In first place for the biggest Twitter trend of 2010  came the Apple iPad, a tablet device that has taken the tech industry by storm and has successfully secured a large part of the tablet computer market, with several competitors just now getting around to releasing their own tablet devices. In second place came Google Android, an operating system that has become increasingly popular across dozens of devices this year. As the largest competitor for the Apple iOS, it is interesting to see that “Apple iOS,” and “unlocked iPhone 4” came in the third and fourth positions for the most popular technology trending topics on the social networking service.

Twitter has been able to grow their number of users by more than 100 million accounts in total this year (although it is not currently clear how many individual users that equates to, as often websites, companies and services will have their own Twitter accounts and therefore do not use the service in the same way as an everyday user would).

In the fifth position was Call of Duty Black Ops, followed by New Twitter, which refers to the layout change that Twitter rolled out earlier this year, then HTC unlocked phones, RockMelt, MacBook Air and Google Instant, which refers to the large change that Google made to their search engine allowing users to instantly see results appearing as they type their query into the search box. There is no word on how many Tweets or searches each individual term received. Although there is no way to tell how much of an effect being a top trending Twitter topic has on a product or company, having the world talk about you is never a bad thing in the eyes of the tech industry.