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Top Five Worst Places To Get Caught On Your Phone


There are some really, really, really terrible places to get caught using your phone.

PureMobile has been there. And we want to tell you about some of the worst places we have been caught or caught others on the phone and what it has cost us as humans.

On The Metro

The subway/Metro/public transit is a dead zone for phones. Either they don't work, they are terribly annoying, or they are a dangerous distraction.

Yep, that's all of us being collectively late for work, school, or life in general because we just wanted to crush a little more candy or finally beat 2048 for the first time. It's hard, but it gets better, don't worry.

What it cost us: Dignity? Time?

In The Bathroom

Of course. Doing your business on the phone while, doing your business. I think it's disgusting, I'm sure everyone does, but we all do it. Some people fake going to the bathroom just to do it. But it doesn't always work out..

Looks like it's rice for dinner tonight unless you have better ideas for bringing this guy back to life.

What it cost us: Ultimately, a phone

In The Car


What it cost us: Our life?

In The Theatre

Why would you ever do this? Why? Why are you there?

Ugh. There isn't one thing I hate more than anticipating a film and having it ruined by someone who thinks their conversation trumps the collective attention of everyone sitting behind them. Ugh.

What it cost us: $15

On An Airplane

You did this. You and your texting.

Just kidding. That is footage of a crash test. But still, nothing makes me more uneasy than the realization I have forgotten to switch off my phone during take off and I have doomed everyone onboard the aircraft to a watery grave.

What it cost us: A time travelling voyage through parallel dimensions with an unsatisifying conclusion.