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Top Five Apple iPhone 5 Cases

Griffin Survivor - Black

An eye-catching case from Griffin, the Survivor is a very stylish case featuring a Moxy Cat pattern. On top of style, this case features a dual-layer synthetic polycarbonate shell to help protect your Apple iPhone 5. This case is designed to be slim and pocket friendly. Even the inside of the case has been engineered to ensure that your phone does not get scratched inside the case.


Griffin Survivor in Black


Griffin Reveal

If you love the look of your Apple iPhone 5 and hate to cover it up with a bulky case, the Griffin Reveal is for you. This polycarbonate case adds just 1.6mm to your phone and features a clear design, allowing you to see your baby at all times. This case is also handy because it doesn't obstruct any of your key ports or camera.


Griffin Reveal Case


Griffin Survivor - Grey/White

This edition of the Griffin Survivor is a seriously tough case. Rated as military strong by two different military standards, this case is wind, rain, shock, and drop proof. The case is made of shatter resistant polycarbonate coated in shock absorbing silicone. Plugs protect your vital ports while leaving them accessible.


Griffin Survivor in Grey/White


Incipio Kicksnap - Black

Half case and half stand, Incipio's Kicksnap is a two in one accessory. The stand easily retracts making it simple to stand up your Apple iPhone 5 so you can view slideshows and videos. When closed, the kickstand serves as a compartment door.


Incipio Kicksnap Stand


Incipio Feather - Black

Incipio's Feather is an incredibly light case for your Apple iPhone 5. Weighing in at just 0.5 ounces, this ultra light case keeps your iPhone from feeling like a brick in your hands while still protecting it from the elements. It's sleek and simple black design also appeals to those who like to keep it simple.


Incipio Feather Case

3 thoughts on “Top Five Apple iPhone 5 Cases”

  • Marie

    Cases are probably the most vital accessory to own these days. Plus the only ones worth checking out must have extremely powerful durability in combination with sleek styles and additional functionality. Would you agree that these top 5 cases do just that?

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  • Raj Shah


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