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Three Brands You Need To Know About On PureMobile

PureMobile is always looking to build its catalogue of brands. While some heavy-hitters like Apple, Samsung, and Sony will always be present, it's often the smaller companies that can drive innovation in different and exciting ways. Take the three we are going to look at. iOttie is a manufacturer of device mounts that take mounts from your car and expand on their use by making mounts for desks and bikes. Lunatik make high quality styli for different applications. MiPow is a leader in portable power accessories. All three brands are very exciting and now it's time to look at the products that inspire this excitement.


Founded in 2010, iOttie is a maker of high-quality car mounts. These mounts go beyond just securing your device in your car, but open up the opportunity for you to attach your smartphone or tablet to your desk or bike as well. iOttie's mounts feature a one-touch system that lock your device into the mount safely and securely. Here is a look at our favourite device from this brand.

Visit PureMobile for more information about the iOttie iPad Desk/Car Mount.


Lunatik made their mark on Kickstarter, successfully funding their first major product, a watch kit for iPods. Since then Lunatik has been plying their trade on products such as styli. PureMobile now carries three different variations of their styli and can't wait to see what this artistically driven brand has up their sleeves.

Vistit PureMobile for more information on the Lunatik Alloy Touch Pen.


MiPow is a leader in the manufacturing of portable power accessories. Licensed by Apple, MiPow is growing in name as their products begin to speak for themselves. Featuring portable chargers with lightning capabilities in addition to high capacities, MiPow is a brand worth keeping an eye on as the portable power sector continues to rise in prominence.

Visit PureMobile for more information on the MiPow Power Tube 5200.