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Those Other Uses For Your Cell Phone

It's Friday again.  Who's with me?  Anyone?  I thought this week we'd take about what you can use your cell phone to do.  Everyone knows the

common things like answer calls, text message, but have you ever thought of what else it's capable of doing.

10: Chipping ice from the freezer - Have you ever needed to defrost your fridge and not had a blunt object to help.  Well reach for your cell phone.

9- Proping up a uneven table: Have you ever been at dinner and had your food or water spill because of a uneven table leg.

8- A game of catch: who doesn't like playing catch?  Who always has a ball handy?  Well no need anymore...

7- A shovel: Ever needed to dig a quick hole?  Didn't have a shovel handy?  Don't want to get your hands dirty?

6- GPS: Most people don't realize but you a lot of cell phones these days are actually coming with GPS units built right in

5- Watch TV/Movies: More and more people are using their phones to watch movies or tv shows.

4- Facebook/MySpace: Who doesn't want to stay intouch with your friends when you need to

3- Twitter:  Hey why not?  Well not if you are in Canada anymore

2- Email: Tried and true Blackberry phones or Windows based

1- Boarding your plane: Now you can actually have your boarding pass right on your screen scanned.

Hopefull those suggestions give you an idea what else the cell phone can be good for.  We do remind you that using any of our suggestions are at your own risk.  Truthfully cell phones have many practical uses.  If you are looking for a new phone don't hesitate to go to to see what's available.