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The Palm Treo Pro's Smartphone Journey

As of August 2008, Palm Treo Pro has become the highlight for Palm's design direction -shiny, black and looks like Centro mixed with the Treo 500 with sprinkles of Xbox for gamers. Windows Mobile 6.1 is the Palm Treo Pro's operating system with a few minor changes for shortcuts.

The revamped design of the Palm Treo Pro could be foreseen in Palm's previous Treo designs without that silver band that always seemed a bit awkward.  Maintaining a roundness all over its keyboard and the phone itself, the keyboard on Centro is seen here -de ja vu if it may. The jellied feel of the keyboard may be uncomfoftable for some, a little imprecise for others.


By March of 2009, Sprint launched the Palm Treo Pro after a long time of waiting, after of course a few rumors and reviews.  Treo fans went ballistic at the $199 price but it went with a two-year contract with Sprint.

For Treo fans, the Palm Treo Pro is not as bad as most reviews say. It is a good-looking device even if it does not measure up to its smartphone/iPhone inspiration. The case is sleeker than the Treos of yesteryears and has a LiIon battery, a stereo headset, an AC adapter, and a USB data cable.

The Palm Treo Phone is good for those who always need to stay on top of meetings and appointment. It is Wi-Fi ready and you can check your personal email or your work email anytime. Like any smartphone, GPS is of course included. The Palm Treo Pro is a thoughtfully designed, easy to use, and perfectly balanced phone.

For those who want to get the Palm Treo Pro, you can get it at Sprint or Alltell, they have a rate of $199.99. For those who do not want any strings attached with these providers or any provider for that matter, you can get your own Palm Treo Pro at $399 from its original price of $549.