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The Nokia Budget Phones Storm the Market!

Nokia has added a low-end selection of Nokia handsets -the Nokia 1616, 1818, Nokia 2220 slide and the 2690. The four new handsets have basic features with really low price tags.

Let us get to know them better shall we? The Nokia 2690 has a VGA camera along with an FM radio/built-in stereo and a 3.5mm audio jack. It also has microUSB support and Bluetooth. It is global roaming capable with its quad band and the internal memory can support up to 8GB.


With it being quite cheap, it does not mean, the thrifty buyer will have a black and white phone. In fact, the Nokia 2690 includes a 1.8 inch 262K colors LCD display. The resolution is 128 x 160 pixels.

The estimated price is 54 Euros that is before taxes -that is still quite cheap with the functionality and capability the phone has. It will be available in white silver, graphite, blue and hot pink. It will be out in Europe in the first quarter of 2010.

The Nokia 2220 slide that is capable of showing 65K colors with a resolution the same as that of 2690. It comes with an FM radio a VGA camera and an EDGE support. The 2220 slide will have six sexy color options: turquoise, graphite, warm silver, purple, hot pink and blue. This phone will cost about 45 Euros and will come out before the end of '09.


Ultra low-end Nokia 1616 and 1800 come with an LCD display of 65K colors and a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The two handsets also has LED flashlights and owners can change color covers anytime. The 1616 has a standard 3.5 audio jack while the 1800 has a headset included for its FM radio.

The 1800 will be out in 2010 at 26 Euros while the 1616 will be out in the earlier part of next year at an affordable 24 Euro rate.