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The Nokia 7230: An Unexpected Slider

The Nokia 7230 is a quaint and compact sliding smartphone that is both practical and affordable. Time and again, Nokia has proven itself as the champion of simplicity and the 7230 helps to reinforce this reputation and at a price of just under $200, the Nokia 7230 promises to be one of the best potential buys for a low-range smartphone.

Unlike the confusingly cumbersome bulk of rival phones such as the Samsung B3310, the Nokia 7230 unlocked contains an efficient and inconspicuous messaging board that fits easily and conveniently under its 2.4 inch screen, combining to form a comfortably portable 100 gram handset. The large display screen that sits atop its rounded contours gives it the sleek appearance of a touchphone.


The 7230 also has a camera with 3.2 megapixels and 3G networking which will enable it to connect with rapid ease to the network and all those social networking sites. It is also Bluetooth compatible, has an operating system (S40), FM radio and a memory of 2GB. Perhaps one of the most interesting, but less ostentatious features of the 7230 is its battery life, which has the capability to run on standby mode for a full two weeks.

The 7230 was only recently announced to the public but it will more than likely contain more features than are listed here. It may be good to know for those less-technologically-savvy customers who have come to identify such qualities as being exclusive to those handsets of iphone caliber. It also seems to be ideal for wither those who are still incredulous about graduating to the complexities of fully virtual smartphones, or for those who want a smartphone without having to spend a fortune.

Scheduled to be released to the public at the beginning of next years, the Nokia 7230 will be available in six different colors.