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The Nokia 6700: The New Classic

At a first glance, the Nokia 6700 is reminiscent of a luxury vehicle. It is sleek and stylish with a refined and dignified design which would fit just as comfortably in the palm of any business executive as it does in your pocket. It is a polished, evolved and no nonsense take on the already-classic Nokia design which, on the pure basis of aesthetics, can hold its own in comparisons with smartphones such as the iphone or blackberry pearl. This is even more impressive due to the fact that it is not a smart phone but just a solid piece of technology that gets the job done beautifully—and quite frankly, it is beautiful.


Amongst the clamor, clangor and chrome of the oversaturated market of handheld devices that resemble smartbooks more than mobile phones, The Nokia 6700 is indeed a breath of fresh air. It dares to remain handsomely minimal in terms of both looks and function; standing confidently defiant in the face of the smartphone arms race. Respectively, there is not much to cover here. All of the basic elements are in place. There is the keypad, which may be so effortlessly glided-over that it may as well be a virtual one. It contains a five megapixel camera that takes surprisingly lucid photographs which display vividly on the 56mm screen. There are also volume keys, a memory card slot and a micro USB port. Otherwise there aren’t many other features to speak of that do not come standard with basically any medium range phone. It has Bluetooth 2.1 capability, comes equipped with sms and mms messaging, including AIM, GPS navigation, a media and even OSS web browsing.

It has been a very long time since a phone that was not a smartphone or touch screen has come around that could stand up to the competition as a viable alternative. For those who seek simplicity and smartness, the unlocked Nokia 6700 is not a smartphone but it is indeed a smart phone.