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The BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone: Just Got More Affordable

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone is a less expensive version of some of the higher end BlackBerry Smartphones on the market. Priced at approximately $50.00 less than the BlackBerry Curve 8900, the excellent BlackBerry technology is now available to more people; even those on a tight budget.

If you have never owned a BlackBerry Smartphone, and are thinking about making the switch, then the BlackBerry Curve 8520 makes for a great starter model; it features many of the same qualities of the higher end phones, but does not cost so much that there is no going back in case you decide that it’s not for you. If it is a good match however, you will be familiar with the way a BlackBerry Smartphone works, and in time, you may decide to upgrade to the latest high-end model on the market.

blackberry-8520The BlackBerry Curve 8520 Unlocked Smartphone is also the first of the line to feature the Trackpad. This new feature replaces the BlackBerry Trackball, which functioned as the on-screen navigator, much like a mouse on a computer. The Trackpad is a small screen that detects motion in order to navigate the screen, which means that physical obstructions on the Trackball will no longer hinder on-screen navigation.

Additional features of the affordable BlackBerry Curve 8520 include the following:

• Screen that features over 65,000 colors, at a resolution of 320x240.
• Two mega pixel camera.
• Full QWERTY keyboard, that fits well into the palm of the hand, facilitating quick typing and texting.
• New dedicated media keys, allowing you to skip, pause, or repeat songs; plus special mute button to mute phone calls during listening.
• Fully compatible with Mac computers
• Downloadable BlackBerry App World