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The Best In Show Of CES 2014

CES took over Las Vegas last week and many nerds rejoiced. The event, which is a huge show and tell for many of the world's leading tech firms, was a hit, showcasing some of the most exciting trends and products in consumer electronics. While it was pretty quite on the smartphone and tablet front, CES did show off some very cool tech in other fields. PureMobile is here to tell you what we thought stood out at this year's edition of CES.

Wysips LiFi

There is WiFi, and then there is LiFi. LiFi is a ground breaking new data-transferring technology that transmits data through light. Pioneered by French company Oledcomm, LiFi could redefine how location services, like GPS, work in underground environments like Metros and Subways. Data speed isn't quite there yet, but with improvements anticipated LiFi could change the way we use the internet.

Playstation Now

Sony introduced a potential platform killer at CES. Playstation Now is an all-new game streaming service that COULD make video game platforms obsolete. Now, before you say "doesn't Sony make video games and video game platforms?", yes, they do. But what you may not know is that companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft sell their consoles at a loss and recoup those loses through the sale of software. If Sony can make this work and bypass the console while still delivering a AAA experience through the cloud, look out.

The Oculus Rift

Hands down the coolest thing to try out, the Oculus Rift is making virtual reality a legitimate thing. There have been all kinds of half hearted attempts at this tech, but nothing has come as close as the Oculus Rift. Having been in development for some time with multiple enhancements being made, the Rift isn't that far off and shouldn't just revolutionize gaming, but also play a key role in real life as well. Imagine a VR platform for practicing surgery? The Oculus Rift could be that kind of invention that brings people out to events like CES.