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Take Credit and Debit Cards on the Go through Apriva and AT&T

With the growing mobile payments space of around $68 million, AT&T and Apriva have come out with their new app which allows small business enterprises to take in credits and debit cards which their new AprivaPay and AprivaPay Pro applications for smartphones. This will convert all the smartphones which carry these into centers where one can carry out all their sales and hence more money will be flowing.

It basically works on the principal that if there is a greater chance of accepting payments given to the enterprises then they will be able it increase their business and this will mean more revenue for all the parties concerned here. AprivaPay is an app for Unlocked Iphone 4 which can be accessed through the browser of your smartphone which you can use to get the credit card info down and hence carry out your transaction. The AprivaPay Pro is more advanced software which can be however downloaded onto smart phones and may be linked optionally with a card reader thereby allowing lots of flexibility to the owner of the business which is going to implement this device. This service makes economic transactions very easy for smaller holdings as infrastructure is still a problem in this sector. The AprivaPay can be bought at a rental cost of $14.95 per month and the pro is available at a cost of 5 dollars more and therefore for this small meager amount the enterprise is well set to increase efficiency.

In terms of reliability, AprivaPay is pretty much a well known name in the world of wireless money payments and has numerous tie ups with several major bank networks all around the world and is a pioneer of the wireless payment technology in the world and they along with AT&T an equally well known entity in wireless mobiles will surely give your business the edge.