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Moshi for iPad
  • A poster in the Windows Phone Central forums uploaded images of his Surface Tablet, which still works after being run over by a car


    It's doubtful whether any owner of a new Microsoft Surface Tablet would perform the following test on purpose, but a poster in the Windows Phone Central forums has unwittingly discovered what happens when you run over the device with a car.

    You know how sometimes, before getting in your car, you'll forget a cup of coffee on the roof of the car, only to have it whip off into the road a block or two away? Well, this unfortunate man did more or less the same thing, but with a his tablet.

    Aside from some superficial dents and scratches, the tablet is still intact


    Noticing some trash cans that needed to be taken in outside his house, he set the Surface Tablet on the car roof and, forgetting all about it, drove off to work. Naturally, as soon as he realized what he'd doe, he turned right around and drove back the direction he came from, to find his Surface Tablet lying in the middle of the road:

    "[I] watched the last group of traffic drove by. Each car passed by with the tires on each side of the Surface until the very last car. The tire of the car ran completely over the Surface and next thing I saw was my brand new $700 tablet and touch cover flying through the air in separate directions!"

    Long story short, the poor guy was delighted when he opened up the tablet and found that, not only was the screen completely intact but that, hitting the power button, everything worked as it should.

    "The Surface feels completely sturdy, exactly like how I got it. Everything works in it, even the touch cover (which got a slight tear in it) works completely fine! Microsoft has made such an incredible product, I am completely speechless how this could happen!," he wrote.

    The tablet has a few scratches dents and dings, but otherwise survived no worse for wear.  Needless to say, the poster is pretty happy about his choice of tablets, writing: "This product is insane! I would love to see what an iPad looks like after getting run over by a car going 60 mph!"

    "There is not a single scratch nor crack in the screen!" wrote the relieved tablet owner

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Microsoft’s new Window Phone 8 OS won’t get installed on any of the current Windows Phone devices because they are based on a different core- Windows CE (Windows Phone 7) versus Windows NT (Windows Phone 8). Windows Phone 8 will support significant improvements including multiple CPU cores and better graphics.

    Current Windows Phone owners excluded from Windows Phone 8

    Microsoft’s senior marketing manager for Windows Phone Greg Sullivan stated that, while it can be done, porting WP8 on older devices would be very expensive. He also stated that the WP8 requires functions like multi-core support, higher resolution screens, NFC and microSD card support. The legacy device hardware can’t make use of Windows Phone 8 upgrades.

    Microsoft is attempting to make it up to current Windows Phone users with a Windows Phone 7 update (WP 7.8). It’s most noticeable change is a more user-friendly Start screen.

    Users who buy Windows Phone 8-compatible devices, will be able to migrate their Windows Phone 7 apps. There's no backwards compatibility for the newly developed WP8 apps though and there's nothing that can be done about it.

    This could mean a big loss of momentum for Microsoft’s mobile OS. They’re still the new kid on the block trying to establish a reputation. This isn’t helping.

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  • LG ends tablet production
    Posted on June 26, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    By Aldo Panessidi

    LG Mobile announced that it will halt both time and investment in tablet development and instead concentrate their attention on making smartphones including the Optimus L7, Optimus 4G LTE and Gossip Pro 

    LG ends tablet production

    Ken Hong, an LG spokesman, couldn’t have made it any clearer when he told Bloomberg, “We’ve decided to put all new tablet development on the back burner for the time being in order to focus on smartphones.”

    LG launched the Optimus Pad LTE earlier this year, but hasn’t been able to make any inroads against Apple, Amazon and Samsung in the tablet market. The South Korean electronics manufacturer will try to turn around its smartphone business by concentrating on its Optimus line of Android devices. Hong also noted that the company is still interested in making phones using Microsoft’s Windows Phone software.

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  • By Adhurim Murtezai

    Nokia doesn’t need any more bad press, but now Reuters and BusinessWeek have been spreading the news from more than a few financial analysts and venture capitalists that Nokia’s troubles are far from over.

    Analysts anticipate more troubles for Nokia

    UBS stated that Nokia would have “to significantly discount its new Microsoft Lumia products, including the Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710 in order… to gain any traction with retailers, operators and consumers.”

    Canaccord Genuity predicted “a continued sharp decline in Symbian smartphone sales…combined with a slow ramp in Windows smartphone volume.”

    Janardan Menon with Liberum Capital said that Nokia had,  ”too much baggage in terms of cost structure and legacy operating systems” to be attractive to most buyers.

    Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Company painted the worst picture. He said “if Nokia doesn’t come out of its funk within a year, Nokia is going to be finished.”

    Microsoft has been the only company talked about as a serious potential buyer.

    Nokia has been lowering its projections. Most recently they cut earnings expectations and announced layoffs of 10,000 employees by the end of 2013.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi 

    Microsoft’s ARM-friendly Windows RT operating system launches this fall, but Microsoft is going to make it very difficult for tablet makers to use it and still compete with Apple’s iPad 3 pricing.  Microsoft will reportedly charge tablet makers $85 to license each device that uses its Windows RT.

    Microsoft to add $85 to the cost of tablet manufacture

    VR Zone reported that Microsoft’s pricing was disclosed to them by a number of vendors during the Computex Taipei trade show. All claimed the price would be anywhere between $80 and $95. With that amount added to the cost of tablet manufacturing, ARM-powered Windows RT tablets could cost between $549 and $799. Premium products could be priced between $799 and $899.

    Microsoft’s hardware and software strategy looks like it’s patterned after Apple’s. Both companies want control. Windows RT will come exclusively pre-installed in Windows on ARM devices (or WOA for short).

    It will be strictly limited to WOA PCs built exclusively for Microsoft. Windows apps will only be made available only through its Windows Store.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Apple is making noise and hinting that it is preparing  to introduce a $799 MacBook Air model for launch as early as 3rd quarter this year. Apple already has new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models planned for the market this summer.

    Apple MacBook Air

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    According to a source in the Apple supply chain, Apple is putting together a less expensive ultrabook model with an 11-inch screen. If we’re lucky, Apple will share its Air with us at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference that’s coming up on June 11th.

    Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, data cables, keyboard protectors  and XMI Speakers  all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Acer and Intel are continuing to aggressively pursue the ultrabook market with plans to launch their own versions this year. Intel is planning on a price point of $699 which should offer some competition to an Apple MacBook Air price of $799. However, many believe that ultrabook sales projections for the competition will under-deliver until the launch of Windows 8.

    Currently, Apple's 11-inch 64GB MacBook Air is priced at $999 with a 128GB version priced at $1,199. The 13-inch 128GB version is priced at $1,299 and 256GB version is $1,599.

    This post was posted in Apple, General and was tagged with windows, ultrabook, apple notebook, macbook air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Apple

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