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Tag Archives: Windows Phone

Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    A new report suggests that the popularity of Google’s Android OS is due to peak in 2012. The market will begin a major shift towards a strong Microsoft Windows platform.

    Microsoft Windows predicted to take a big bite out of Google’s Android starting in 2013

    The market research firm IDC just released the details of its latest Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report. The firm predicts that, while cell phone shipments will reach 1.8 billion units this year (compared to 1.7 billion in 2011), the numbers reflect stalled growth when compared to previous years. The major cause seems to be the beginning of a rapid decline in sales for feature phones. The IDC forecasts the lowest annual growth rate in their sales since 2009.

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    IDC analyst Kevin Restivo was quoted as saying, “The smartphone parade won’t be as lively this year as it has been in past. The mobile phone user-transition from feature phones to smartphones will continue in a gradual but unabated fashion. Smartphone growth, however, will increasingly be driven by a triumvirate of smartphone operating systems, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.”

    Microsoft Windows predicted to take a big bite out of Google’s Android starting in 2013

    The smartphone market is expected to continue growing over the next five years, but IDC sees 2012 as the start of a major shift. Android has a big lead in the number of devices sporting its popular OS – predicted to be a 61% share by year-end. Apple’s iOS takes second place with 20.5%, one-third the size of Google’s market. The upstart Microsoft Windows/Windows Mobile will probably end 2012 with a 5.2% share of the market, less than one-tenth the size of Android. By 2016, the IDC says the numbers will look significantly different.

    They predict that smartphone shipments will continue to grow through 2016, but this timeframe will see a big decline in Android OS use. It will probably peak in 2012 and then begin to lose significant market share to the Windows Phone platform. Apple’s iOS will probably see some decline as well.

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    Here are the IDC’s predictions. Between 2012 and 2016, Android’s share of the global market will decline more than 7% - from 61% to 52.9%. Apple’s iOS will become slightly less popular, going from 20.5% to 19%. Microsoft will be the big winner, with a quadrupling of its market share from 2012’s measly 5.2% to 19.2% in 2016. This obviously surpasses iOS as the No.2 smartphone platform in the world, not to mention ought to cause Google execs some sleepless nights.

    “Underpinning the smartphone market is the constantly shifting OS landscape,” IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said. “Android will maintain leadership throughout our forecast, while others will gain more mobile operator partnerships (Apple) or currently find themselves in the midst of a major transition (BlackBerry and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile). What remains to be seen is how these different operating systems – as well as others – will define and shape the user experience beyond what we see today in order to attract new customers and encourage replacements.”

    IDC expects RIM’s smartphone market share to stay relatively flat for the next few years. It will probably hold steady at around 6%. Other smartphone platforms can only expect a mere 3% of the market by 2016, down from 7.2% in 2012. Samsung’s Tizen platform makes up the majority of that 3%. Sorry Samsung. Maybe you should concentrate on Galaxy S IV and beyond.

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  • By Adhurim Murtezai

    After the shock and awe of the Consumer Electronics Show last month, Samsung is bringing us a more mid-range mobile device that will satisfy those consumers  who want more functionality without shelling out the money for a brand-new, top of the line smartphone. So, without further ado we introduce to you the Galaxy S Advance a welcome addition to the Samsung Galaxy cell phone line.

    The following is an insightful video review of the Samsung Galaxy S Advance by Mobile Gazette

    Customers will experience a zippy interface that is quick to open apps and multi-task on. The specs are solid, if not stellar. 4 inch Super AMOLED display gives a great visual experience and the middle-of-the road RAM and internal storage are pretty standard.   There are no current plans to move the mobile OS from Android Gingerbread to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Consumers can further enhance the Samsung Galaxy S mobility by optimizing aaplications with select accessories including stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    As Samsung’s President of IT & Mobile Communications Division, JK Shin noted, “The GALAXY S Advance adds to the successful track record of the GALAXY  smartphone range with a phone that combines power and style with all the versatility of Samsung’s Hub services.” This particular group of services is what will give users over 11 million music tracks, 2.3 million e-books, 3,500 magazine and 200 newspaper titles which are both excellent reasons to invest in good headphones and speakers.

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance - GT i9070

    For gamers, the ever-popular Game Hub puts thousands of catalogued games at users’ fingertips. As these may take up more juice, check the specs and requirements to see if a purchase of additional resources is needed.

    And, in a move that will bring a more competitive offering to the new Nokia Windows Phone line, ChatON acts as a kind of people hub to interactively share content, group chat via video and voice and in general make messaging intuitive and easy. The last (and perhaps favorite) feature is Find My Mobile which is a unique lost-phone management system. Securing and encrypting data, ability to wipe the device data via Web or trace the device via Web is uber awesome.

    All in all, Samsung looks to bring a best-of-both-worlds kind of phone to market and we look forward to seeing the smartphone in action!

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  • By John Castell

    Anyone who followed the Consumer Electronics Show knows that Nokia is making some serious moves to win business and mindshare in the United States this year. The company has moved lightning fast since signing agreements with Microsoft last year with Nokia Lumia cell phones winning some great nods of approval.

    Nokia Lumia 710 Colors

    Based on the announcement that Nokia will be launching its first Window mobile OS smartphone with T-Mobile in the United States, which will allow Nokia to extend market breadth and reach wider consumer base. Noted as an important part of their strategy, the next few months of product releases and announcements are bound to keep the good press rolling.

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    While it does not have quite the jaw-dropping specs and capabilities as their flagship Lumia 900, which will be launching with AT&T in March…  the Nokia 710 smartphone will be available for $50.  Walmart will have it available for free with a service contract.  This will further expand Nokia’s to capture the consumers that want transition from their current feature phone to a smartphone. With these incredible deals, customers have more funds to accessorize their new handset with accessories such as; stylus & pensmicro SD memory cardsbatteriesdocking stationsBluetooth headsetsdata cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Nokia Lumia 710 Walmart

    But what will customers get with this phone? To start, it is 4G capable with a great scratch-resistant ClearBlack screen that makes for easier outdoor viewing.  Browsing is made snappy with a Snapdragon processor and makes uploading photos taken from the 5 megapixel camera a breeze (and Nokia has some impressive camera technology at work). Even gamers will be satisfied with the interactive gaming experience through Xbox Live.  Experience the mind blowing clarity of XMI Speakers.  Uncompromised sound quality and a revolutionary design accentuating today’s interactive lifestyle.   Our earpieces and headsets combine sophisticated style and precision engineering that deliver brilliant sound for your total listening pleasure.

    While we can’t write to the accessory options available at Walmart or T-Mobile to accompany this purchase, there are an incredible number of peripheral devices and accessories to peruse online. And if you want a Nokia phone without being tied to a carrier, we will keep you posted on any unlocked options coming down the pipeline!

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  • By Megan Fleet

    Let’s be honest, the latest hero device from the Nokia cell phone line-up, the Lumia 900 wowed spectators  at the CES. From the keynote Microsoft address that showed an impressed audience the fruits of its partnership with Nokia and how the device works with Microsoft peripheral devices like the Xbox. The stellar performance of the Nokia Lumia 900 was duly recognized by CNET which named the smartphone as its category winner at the 2012 CES.

    Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

    The move from Symbian to Windows mobile OS and the added bonus of BlueStack’s technology which will bring Android apps to those customers has sparked excitement and hope into both Nokia and Microsoft that 2012 will bring a 180 degree shift in sales and market share.

    Nokia Lumia 900 vs Lumia 800

    What is better news is that the vague announcement that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be available in “the next few months” may be whittled down to a more accurate date if the rumor mill is based in any kind of truth. Even more reliable is that the March 18th date is being bandied about by Windows gurus Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley. These two “all about Windows” people came together to work on TWiT and discuss March as the release month in the latest Nokia developer newsletter.

    Nokia Lumia 900 Colors

    Mister Thurrott is apparently not one for vagueness by making it clear that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be released precisely on March 18th. Hopefully his crystal ball or tea leaves are accurate as anxious customers are bound to seek out this sleek unlocked cell phone as soon as possible.

    Surely the smartphone manufacturer will make more accurate announcements that will include date of availability, the cost, and start touting more of the peripheral accessories that will heighten the handset’s popularity and longevity in a fickle, competitive and ever changing mobile tech market.

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  • Android and Apple Poised to Dominate
    Posted on January 13, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    App Downloads and Virtual Goods at CES

    By Megan Fleet

    Anyone with a tablet, smartphone, or is in the vicinity of someone with these devices knows about apps. Downloads of apps on smartphones and tablets are projected to be in the 41 billion range for 2012. With those kinds of numbers, there is some serious cash to be made on the focus and popularity of apps. The industry knows it and these small applications have become all the rage at this year’s CES.  More and more consumer are leveraging the power of unlocked cell phones to choose their preferred service providers and break away from long term service contracts... while customizing their phones with both apps and cell phone accessories of their choice.

    App Download iPhone

    The flip side of this is that costs of downloads is ever decreasing with the increase of competition. To counterbalance these declining revenues, players are looking to virtual goods. Already ahead of the curve, both Apple and Android are evolving to inhabit this space. In turn, they will keep customers hooked into their ecosystems and continue to diversify the different kinds of devices and accessories are integrated into consumers’ lives on their platforms.  Experience the mind blowing clarity of XMI Speakers.  Uncompromised sound quality and a revolutionary design accentuating today's interactive lifestyle.   Our earpieces and headsets combine sophisticated style and precision engineering that deliver brilliant sound for your total listening pleasure

    Apple vs Android UFC Fight
    Both Apple and Android own the lion’s share of app downloads to date, but according to Josh Martin, Director of Apps Research at Strategy Analytics, “The introduction of tablets from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and a renewed push for Windows Phone ensure an intensifying battle for the third horse in the apps ecosystem race.” Customers are bound to vote with their wallets and their thumbs with consideration of unlocked devices as well. The industry is changing, becoming more competitive and giving consumers more options of how they receive their data and how they communicate.

    Luckily for us customers, this spirited competition is the recipe for lower prices, more choices, and better technology as developers scramble to win us over with must have accessories that make life better and faster speeds. Clearly this is the free market at its best (ignoring carrier exclusivity in this last statement!).

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  • Status of Smartphone Penetration
    Posted on December 20, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By Aldo Panessidi

    As a typical profile... mobile consumers are highly socially engaged, remain continuously connected and rely more and more on their both carrier based or unlocked smartphone's features and applications on a daily basis.

    Smartphone penetration has seen a meteoric rise, spiraling from just 18% in late 2009 to 44% in October 2011.  A recent 'State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report'  conducted by Nielsen indicates that 64% of 25-34 year olds and 53% of 18-24 year olds own a snmartphone and have led in smartphone penetration compared to every other age group since 2009.  The individuals in these generation groups also understand that mobile accessories are designed to protect, personalize and enhance your mobile devices.

    Some of the more popular smrtphones include the iPhone4s, Blackberry bold 9900, Samsung Galaxy S II and the Motorola Droid Razr.   Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer by operating system with 28.6% of the market followed by Blackberry and HTC at 17% and 158% market share respectively.  Android outdistanced every other smartphone platform with an ever-growing 42.8% market share... leading Apple iOS at 28.6%, Blackberry at 17% and Windows at a paltry 5.3% market share

    The top market leaders are also currently jockeying for top position in the tablet market... with Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, Blackberry PlayBook and  the Motorola Xoom.  Enhance your mobility... turn your device into a power tool.  Discover the select accessories, such as, stylus & pens, data cables, batteries, SD micro cards, desktop chargers, earpieces & headsets as well as glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Currently, Android leads all other platforms in every age group, followed by a strong showing from Apple iOS.

    Although penetration of Android OS and Apple iOS smartphones tend to be slightly higher among those 18–24 and 25–34, older audiences are beginning to own devices previously dominated by younger groups.

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  • HTC – The Quietly Brilliant Story
    Posted on November 30, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By Megan Fleet

    In an era where patents are sold and bought  like commodities in lieu of protecting intellectual rights;  and where mall innovators are snapped up for their technological visions and execution, - HTC is a wonder to behold.  The rising star of the smartphone world has « arrived. »

    Ten years ago HTC couldn’t even be considered a boutique cell phone to set yourself apart from the mundane crowd of Motorolas and Nokias. It was, however, a company earning its chops manufacturing hardware for Windows Mobile-powered devices for household names like Compaq and XDA.  Now HTC is manufacturing the Raider, Amaze and Desire line of cell phones coupled with a plethora a innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories

    HTC's big break came in 2008 : with the Android. The Dream and G1, which launched the brand into the periphery of the ever growing smart phone consumer market.  Its years as a technological innovator for Windows helped carve a niche and secure a market notoriety for cell phone and mobile accessories.

    The following video provides an excellent account of The Quietly Brilliant Story of HTC

    Throughout the years there has been escalating competition in particular from Samsung cell phones.   But as any good capitalist knows, a competitive environment spurs creativity and innovation. And, as any informed consumer knows, also keeps costs competitive thanks to vendor agnostic retailers such as where the buffet of unlocked cell phone and mobile devices can be sampled, reviewed, and easily paired with practical yet fun wireless accessories.

    HTC is an underdog with elegant and smart technology that marries performance and beauty into something intuitive and tangible for a memorable end user experience. Translation? HTC is a rising star .  They may have lost the dominant Android market share to Samsung but the recent performance and successes of Sensation and EVO 3D will pair with upcoming jewels like the Ville and sharp music accessory bundles (without the proprietary encumbrance of Apple’s iTunes) for a bright 2012.

    Accessories make great stocking stuffers for the tech savvy Android aficionado in your life, take a gander at some great holiday accessory deals at!


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