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Moshi for iPad
  • In a report published by the Wall Street Journal it appears as if mobile network provider Verizon Wireless is definitely going to be getting the iPhone Unlocked Phone. Apple is expected to begin producing a new iPhone that could allow US phone carriers other than AT&T to sell the mobile device. The new iPhone would work on a wireless network called CDMA which is used by Verizon Wireless as well as Sprint.

    With Apple set to develop a new version of the iPhone that is compatible with this CDMA technology it appears that their exclusive arrangement with AT&T appears to be coming to an end. While it looks as if Apple is set to release the iPhone on the Verizon network they are also expected to release an updated version for the AT&T network this June. This new AT&T model is expected to be thinner and have a faster processor.
    AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple has been a crucial element in the carrier’s emergence as the US leader in the smartphone market. For several quarters AT&T has seen most of their growth come from the Unlocked iPhone both in forms of new customers and existing customers switching over to the iPhone. These smartphone customers are important to AT&T as these users generally pay higher monthly bills for the various data and text messaging plans that are required for the iPhone.
    With Apple set to strike a deal to develop iPhones that are compatible with the Verizon network AT&T is looking to take a big hit in the smartphone market. More consumers will have other network options if they want to purchase the iPhone and will not be forced to sign a contract with AT&T. For many iPhone users this will be welcomed news as lots of iPhone users on the AT&T network have experienced connectivity issues in some of the country’s larger markets.

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