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Moshi for iPad
  • The Samsung Galaxy S II has sold more than one million units in total, the company announced today. This is not the first time that the company has been able to reach that mile stone but it definitely is the most memorable. As the company said today in their press release, the Galaxy S II has been “ selling like hot cakes” and may be their most profitable and popular device of all time.

    For instance, the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S was a device that reached more than 1 million sales as well, but took up to forty days longer to do so. The Samsung Galaxy S II has been selling at a pace the company has not seen before and may never see again. In all, they average selling one Samsung Galaxy S II every three seconds.

    The device was first released on April 29th and has continued to sell at a break neck speed since that time. Along with their announcement they have also released a series of videos and photos holding the 1,000,000 sign commemorating the number. They have been able to put together a good campaign to draw attention to how quickly they have been able to sell the device so quickly.

    The device also received to notch reviews from various sources when it was first released, so it is no surprise that it has become so popular in such a short amount of time. It is clear that Samsung has taken the quality of their unlocked Samsung cell phones very seriously as of late and their sales have really begun to reflect that fact. They may never sell a device as well or as quickly as they have their Samsung Galaxy S II, so this has been a reason to celebrate for the popular company.

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  • The unlocked Samsung Galaxy was a device that received a lot of attention when it was first released and has been critically acclaimed. The newest version of the device has also received a lot of attention as well. Samsung announced today that the global preorders for the phone have reached the three million level. This was the level that they were at near the end of April. It is clear that there is a huge demand for the device, and that Samsung has a real winner on their hands.

    One week ago Samsung’s device was pre ordered in South Korea alone a total of 200,000 times. That is a huge number for that region and the 4.3 inch AMOLED device is one that will continue to gain in popularity. They are hugely popular in their home market and the Samsung Galaxy S II is a device that is also popular in other areas of the world.

    The Galaxy S II will be offered throughout more than 120 different countries in total and will be on more than 140 carriers across the globe. The device will continue to grow in popularity as long as they continue to put out solid smart devices.

    The device is really the only device that currently rivals the unlocked iPhone 4 in terms of smart phone popularity. The over sized screen is one thing that has drawn many users to the device and many users are looking forward to more specs to be released about the device moving forward. With over three million pre-orders, the Samsung Galaxy S II is easily the most popular phone that they have, and will continue to be one of the most popular devices in their line moving forward if the amount of pre-orders is any indication.

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