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Moshi for iPad
  • It is easy to see why Microsoft would like to put an end to the sale of Motorola Android devices. They racially opened a case in front of the United States international Trade Commission on Monday, asking that they block Motorola mobility from selling a number of different devices including the Droid 2, unlocked Motorola Droid X and CliqXT. The company said that they were looking to protect the property that they have, and as a result we’re going to have to ask them not to sell these phones. When the company was purchased by Google earlier in the month, a lot of heads were turned in the process. It is definitely something that has changed the shape of the mobile industry in less than a few weeks and is going to continue to affect the quite some time to come.

    Microsoft Looks to End Motorola Android Devices

    Motorola Droid X

    A spokesman for the company said that the Motorola mobility is looking to vigorously defend itself against a strategy that Microsoft has employed that they claim is more in the interests of patent blocking than anything else. Many also claimed that Google purchased the company in order to garner a number of patents, and were not all that interested in the company on its own.


    It will be interesting to see how this turns out, as this move could drastically affect both companies moving into the future. If they win the case and allow them to not have to sell their Android devices such as Motorola XT860 unlocked, Xoom Tablet, etc., it could be a huge step in the wrong direction for Google Earth this would also be a huge step in the right direction for Microsoft. To say the least, the companies coming into this fight could tie them up for quite some time. Do not expect a quick decision on the subject.

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