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  • LG Announces the Genesis
    Posted on May 25, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    LG Announces the GenesisThere have been rumors around about the upcoming Verizon Android powered phone. Many thought that the device had been cancelled after the rumors died and we never saw the phone hit the market. This was intensified after we were met with nothing but silence from LG, who went on to ignore the device in the media for a number of months, leading most to believe that the device was gone for good and was not coming back. However, that does not appear to be the case now, as the Genesis has been officially announced.


    The unlocked LG Genesis has been made official by the company, who did not make a big show over the announcement like one might expect them to. The company also did not put out a press release for the device that will feature a QWERTY keyboard and was previously known as the enV Pro. The device will be made available, not for Verizon as was assumed in the early announcements and rumors, but will be available for US Cellular.


    The company did not release any pricing or launch date information about the device.  They did, however confirm some of the specs that were seen in rumors previous to this announcement including the fact that it will run on the Android 2.2 software, and will also have WiFi Hotspot functionality.

    LG Announces the Genesis

    The device received a lot of attention, and it looks like LG has accepted the fact that it will not garner a huge following as it is being released on US Cellular and not on Verizon. Still, you would expect them to make a bit bigger of a deal over the announcement than they have given the fact that the device received so much attention when the rumors first started to sprout up. So, in the end it is a bit bittersweet for fans as they are going to get the device they were waiting for, but perhaps not in the same way that they thought that they would previously.

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