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Tag Archives: unlocked Iphone4

Moshi for iPad
  • In spite of all the problems and the controversy associated with it, the Unlocked  iPhone 4 has managed to sell as much as 3 million units already just about under a month from its release. Selling at around one million units per week, this handset is sold out in almost all places. However the problems have been plaguing the company pretty badly. CEO Steve Jobs decided to directly address this issue in a press event where he acknowledged the issue but at the same time doled out certain figures which were aimed at proving that the iPhone 4 was selling marvelously irrespective of the problems that they were facing.

    Apple has said that the iPhone has hit the level of three million customers and they have also gone to the extent of saying that this is the foremost gadget they have ever made. If that was not enough, they have also said that this is the top ranked smartphone in the market. Well, from the reports that we have got, this is pretty different as consumer reports have slowly been pulling their recommendations off and the reports are not very encouraging. Apple had come up with a slew of software upgrades for the iPhone 4 unlocked handset  which they said would help the phones which would lose its reception when one would hold the phone in a certain way. There has also been some research done on the part of some private agencies and what they found was pretty bad for the iPhone. It has been found that one would need to either place tape on their palms or at least get bumper cases for their phones to be able to operate it.

    Judging by the amount of money that one pays for this phone, it is expected that they will get the best performance. For its defense, the phone is pretty well loaded with features and we hope they can turn it around.

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  • The major news in the software market is that Microsoft Bing will soon be incorporated into Android. This is expected to be accomplished within the next six weeks and is indeed a big talking point.

    The software is not a new one and is already found in Apple’s Unlocked iPhone 4. It is particularly useful when it comes to browsing through web, and locating places using the mapping of the software. It has quite a few interesting features. Microsoft Bing is already partially present in Android but the version being talked about here is a much advanced version which has possibilities of image search as well.

    What remains a point of interest is that by joining in with Android, they are making a move to remove their biggest rival in this particular market, Google. Google is well known for its capabilities as a search engine and most people use Google habitually. It is indeed quite impossible to topple Google of this stronghold no matter how useful Microsoft Bing may be. Hence, Microsoft Bing combining with Motorola Milestone Unlocked Android handset  has raised several eyebrows.

    Microsoft Bing, nevertheless, will try and give competition to Google and maybe if they are made into default application in mobile web browsing, they might actually benefit from this. Mobile searching is actually a forum where Bing can actually be a force to reckon with. Google will obviously realize the threat and improve a few things to counter this move by Bing and they have adequate support and ability to keep Bing away.

    In this battle for supremacy, both parties are working on improving themselves in various ways like Microsoft upgrading their search services to include Image recognition facility and there has always been a tendency to move towards addition of social networking. All this builds up for a fascinating rivalry.

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  • The striking sales figures that Android Unlocked iPhone 4 has produced have left Android fans awed and maybe a bit aghast too. Over 1.7 million Apple phones have been sold in the last few days. On comparing this with the sales of the Sprint EVO that broke all records by crossing 66,000 in just two days, it is clear why people are worried. From a study of the blog posts on this topic one wonders whether Android would be completely wiped out of the market by the swarms of iPhone being used by people all over. However, this does not mean that Android is in despair or grave danger of obsolesce, well, not yet though.


    A recent study known as the ‘Crowd science study’ conducted its survey on Blackberry, iPhone and Android users. Our evidence is party based on this study. The study resulted in the saying that Android and iPhone users had much likeness: the groups were extremely loyal to their own OS, none were interested to change platforms, and both had many similarities in the pattern in which they used their phones. The most likely to change platforms and least loyal users are the Blackberry users. There are more than 25,000,000 people in the world who use the iPhone; this clearly means that it is highly likely for Apple to sell more iPhone, even to the existing patrons of Apple. (24.89 million iPhone sold by Apple in 2009)

    As highlighted by Jobs in his note, the features of iOS 4 that attracts users to upgrade are better processor, better display, greater flexibility for user interface (app folders, custom wallpapers etc), multitasking. Better display and better processor are the items that are well matched by the latest Android phones. Multitasking and flexibility are selling points meant for iPhone users and meaningless to those using Android, as these abilities are in-built in the OS.

    The best and most common argument regarding the iPhone supremacy is the App store. However, Android like the Google Nexus One market is catching up slowly as its growth is quite steady; it has some spectacular apps that are unique to Android. The edge that App store once had in the matters of quality and quantity is nowadays disappearing.

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  • Avatron Software has come up with this new cool app which is called Air Sharing which allows you to basically extend the monitor of your Mac machine or even to transfer files in several formats from other devices like the unlocked iPhone 4 and similar iDevices. If you want to extend the viding space on the monitor of your MAC device, then you just have to simply place the iPad next to the screen and the set up is ready.

    File transfer can be done between an iPad and iPhone touch as the app is compatible on both the devices. There are no wires involved and transfers can take place irrespective of the file formats. The files can be transferred and can be printed or viewed as we said on your Macintosh or Linux based computers. What is most astounding is that we do not have to install any kind of additional software when we want to use this feature on the computer.

    The basic functionality of this app is primarily executed by way of Wi-Fi technology and other than that there is another version which is called the Pro which has elements of 3G. Other than this basic data transfer facility, we get a number of other functions which are really useful in this regard.  PDF reading is markedly improved in this one and you can read encrypted PDF files. Furthermore you can also edit to a certain extent like cut, copy and paste files from one folder to the other. Other than this, there is also the very important function of emailing the files which are stored on your device directly. There are also features like Zipping and unzipping the folders.

    This app will soon be getting more updates too as it will be looking to get enhanced 3G connectivity.

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  • In rather disturbing news for Apple’s Unlocked iPhone4, it has been discovered that iTunes have been hacked into. This has caused widespread chaos as it may lead to rather unfortunate circumstances. It is especially of concern to people who have important files in there. It might be lost to the hackers who might use them for their own use, which can be devastating.

    It is of high importance that you log in to iTunes and change your password just to be on the safe side. There might be people who have their credit card on file, which if lost to the hackers may have disastrous consequences. The news has already sent everyone into panic. Such an unfortunate event could not have been predicted in any way and has been highly criticized. However, the fact remains that this has happened and it has to be dealt with and if you think this can affect you, and then you must definitely change your password at the earliest.

    So far the iPhone and iPad have been left untouched. The hackers have been identified as certain Asians who have a well drawn out plan to utilize the resources they have hacked into in the best way possible. They have innovative ideas, which can be particularly dangerous. They are believed to be devising applications themselves and buying those themselves in order to make them popular. Besides this, they are also involved in laundering money through Apple. These plans can have far reaching effects and this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    Right now, take care of the new iPhone4 Unlocked Handset and remember to be wary of any unsecured softwares that might be downloaded. It would be a wise choice to go and get your password changed and remove any important file that may be of interest to you as you can guess that they are of importance to the hackers as well.

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  • Hike in AT&T’s ETF from June
    Posted on July 7, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    From June onwards, AT&T has hiked up its early termination fees (ETFs) to $325 in what might well be a move to ensure that iPhone users are kept locked in.

    The ETF is the fee that a user is to pay when he/she terminates the service contract. The early termination fees are being raised by the company from $175 to $325, which commenced from the starting of June. Incidentally, this roughly coincided with the expected release date of Apple's unlocked iPhone 4G/HD. This increased amount will be applicable to fresh contracts only and on the other hand ETF on feature handsets will drop down to $150. Renewal of a contract for a new iPhone will however get you into the province of this new ETF.

    Naturally this new policy change is rather a hassle but the underlying logic behind AT&T's decision is not that difficult to fathom. Apple's unlocked iPhone 4G/HD will in all probability be having an entry level price of $199 although AT&T has to shell out around $500 to $600 for a single set. Counting that in the reckoning, along with the number of people who are going to purchase the item, it totals up to quite a tidy sum in subsidies. They should certainly be able to get that money back over time due to the mobile data services of the users. Still, this does give enough of a prod for a rethink of strategies. It's an even greater problem for AT&T as many owners of  iPhones 3GS unlocked handset compulsively upgrade to the latest version on an annual basis, expecting the introductory pricing.

    This move is close on the heels of Verizon's hiking up of its ETF to $350 on "advanced devices" citing similar causes. The increased ETF may be another impediment for current AT&T customers to change, especially after rumours that Apple might go with Big Red, thus endangering AT&T's exclusivity with the iPhone.

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  • Details were obtained about Apple’s "streaming iTunes" feature at the beginning of July. This move by Apple seems to be a neat way to gain entry into the future which will be heavily in favour of cloud-computing. Most signs point toward the fact that we might be in for quite a wait because the various music labels haven't agreed and their approval is required for this to go through.

    Greg Sandroval, who deals with the digital entertainment and media portion of CNET, is of the opinion that the music labels have not acquiesced to this form of service until now, and naturally Apple Unlocked Iphone 4 will not be eager to trigger a confrontation with those that supply its online music store.

    It should also be noted that Apple has not yet obtained the requisite licenses from the four major music recording companies, as has been told by insiders in the industry to CNET. They also confirmed that Apple was indeed discussing the matter with the music labels but the record executives have not yet been intimated of the entire details.

    In the eyes of a few of the top music labels, Apple could allow iTunes users to be able to stream music from a home PC to other devices without the need for fresh negotiations. However, if Apple were to stream songs from its own servers to other computers and other gadgets then Apple must broker a fresh deal, as told by these sources to CNET.

    As an industry, the music sector is still in regressive mode, yet to accept the open-sharing nature of the Internet. Mobile music might be essential in boosting the industry, as exhibited by Rhapsody's iPhone4 Unlocked headset app, rivals Google's Android's streaming and Microsoft with its Zune Passup. Apple iTunes streaming could cross both of these, thanks to its established users, whenever it gets into the scene.

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  • The Drawbacks of the iPhone 4
    Posted on July 2, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The iPhone craze has gripped the world by storm. There are millions of iPhone users all over the globe, and they are more than satisfied with their beloved iPhones. So naturally, when Apple announced the arrival of the unlocked iPhone 4, millions all over the world were in frenzy. There are many features, which makes the iPhone 4 stands above the rest. Among these features is its camera.

    The iPhone 4’s camera is the best in its class. It has a 5-megapixel camera, and a LED flash. The camera can take photos with excellent clarity and can shoot videos in high definition. The iPhone 4 camera shoots videos in 720p resolution. But there was something that the iPhone 4 could not do. Users found that the phone, what with all its superb features, could not upload videos directly on the internet. Now, this is a very easy task, and all would have thought that the iPhone 4 could carry out this task in the blink of an eye. But it was not so. The phone does upload videos, but minimizes its resolution, and is unable to upload videos at a resolution of 720p. The only way you could upload videos and keep the 720p resolution as well, is to connect the iPhone 4 to your computer, import the video using the import tool of your choice, and then upload it to YouTube or any other site.

    People buy the iPhone because it takes high quality pictures and videos. They like to share videos with friends and family online. They like uploading videos on the go. But the inability of the iPhone 4 unlocked handset to do so will strongly hamper its fan following. Apple spent hours in making a masterpiece, but forgot just this small detail. Hopefully, Apple will look into the matter and will see to it that no such glitches are there in the future.

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