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Moshi for iPad
  • Have you ever worried about falling asleep while you are driving? What if you could have an app on your unlocked iphone 4 that would help you to stay awake even when you are on a long road trip and are having trouble staying awake with the heater blaring at you?

    A new app called the Anti-sleep Pilot app will help you to stay awake. The app is built to help you out when you might be tiring on the road. When you first start up the app, you give the app a number of details about you to give it a good idea of when it needs to start working. The app will also take the time of the day into account straight from your iPhone 4 unlocked clock. Some of the questions will deal with your work hours and when you expect to fall asleep at night.

    The app tries to judge exactly how alert you are and tries to judge when you should probably pull over and sleep it off for a little bit. Unfortunately, the app costs twenty dollars, which seems a bit high given what other apps are out there for much lower prices. In today’s day and age, nearly everyone thinks that they are the best drivers on the road so this app may not take off like the company had hoped it would, but nonetheless it is a very interesting idea and could help out individuals that have long commutes.

    It will be tough to convince individuals to make the purchase at this high price tag but for those that truly need it, it might just have the perfect price point for making sure that you do not fall asleep behind the wheel. Expect to see some copy cat apps coming out in the future for a lower price point since most publications have pointed to the price as the largest drawback for a potentially very solid app.

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