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Moshi for iPad
  • Although IOS and the unlocked iPhone 4 are clearly the most popular device in the nation, that does not mean that every state is currently utilizing the IOS and iPhone more than other devices. It will be interesting to see how the map between Android and IOS changes moving into the future. The United States seems to be split pretty evenly between the two operating systems for mobile devices. Currently their shares at 38% while the Apple IOS marketshare is sitting at 33% as of June.

    US Map Divided Between Android and iPhone

    Other estimates have stated that the Android market share is at 40% while Apple is currently sitting at 26.6%. This is the largest difference that we’ve seen over the course of all of the estimates that have been released. It is currently clear that Android phones are more popular than I phones throughout the United States, with certain states being more apt to Android devices or IOS devices.


    States such as Washington, on the whole, California, Texas, Florida and others tend to lean more toward Android. States such as Rhode Island, Montana, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, in Virginia all lean toward IOS and iPhone 4 unlocked devices and only a handful of states including Oregon and New York utilize the Blackberry device is most often, this is probably because these are centers for business, with less personal users per 100 people.

    US Map Divided Between Android and iPhone

    A number of other states are currently neutral including Alabama, Mississippi and Nevada. The states do not lean heavily in any direction, but it is clear that the country as a whole tends to lean toward Android devices, with IOS devices coming close behind. To say the least, it will be interesting to see how the map changes over time and whether or not the map continues to change as the mobile industry shapes and shifts itself as time moves on. Most analytical companies have continued to predict that Android will be taking over the market.

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  • Although it is usually Apple that is doing the suing over various patents, the company is now being sued over the OS X. Fast boot feature that they released with the release of their new operating system for unlocked iphone 4 and other iOS device. The company that filed the lawsuit with a Florida-based company that goes by the name of Operation Systems Solutions. The lawsuit pertains to a patent infringement that they claim that Apple committed when they release the fast food feature for their OSx. Apple has sued a number of companies recently over patent infringement within the mobile community, but has not been the victim of too many lawsuits on their own. You have to be pretty brave to sue Apple, as they have a large legal team behind them as evidenced by the recent lawsuits that we have seen.

    Apple Sued Following release of OS X Faster Booting

    The company released a statement saying that the lawsuit pertained to the fast booting computer system, which included a self test and a quick check of the bios as it was the system begins to our own. It is clear that Apple infringed on the patent as the patent outlines the exact way that the feature works with the release of OSx. It also checks to see whether the configuration for the boot in the information of the system state is created while executing the normal voting process. This also stores the configuration information in the post operation, which is exactly how the OSx fast boot feature works.

    Apple Sued Following release of OS X Faster Booting

    It will be interesting to see if Apple responds publicly to this lawsuit, were they sweep it under the rug and do not address it publicly as they have done with so many previous lawsuits that have been sent their way. They have no problem addressing the lawsuits that they launch publicly, but often will refrain from publicly addressing lawsuits that are filed against them.

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  • The FBI has launched a new application that will help them to identify and find missing children that have been reported. This is the first mobile application for unlocked iphone 4 and other devices that the agency has released; it will be one of the most useful in terms of reporting crimes. The application was created to help parents deal with the worst case scenario, which has to find a missing child. The new application that they are releasing which is known as Child ID will allow for users to store photos of the kids as well as identifying information on handsets, which will make it easy to provide to authorities in case the child goes missing.

    FBI Launches Child ID App for Missing Children

    This will allow for information to be quickly transferred to the authorities in case something should go wrong. Parents are allowed to use the tool to call 911, or even sending information to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which will allow for the information to be quickly sent to the authorities who will be able to begin searching for the children much quicker than they normally would.


    FBI Launches Child ID App for Missing ChildrenMany people would likely feel uncomfortable keeping a lot of personal information stored on their phone, but the FBI insists that the data that will be collected will not be shared without authorization. This is an application that can potentially help stop crimes before they start, and will be an interesting application for law enforcement as well. Although many may have a problem with the application, keeping it private will be a big part of the operation could turn people off from using the application in the first place. Either way, it’s a good idea and a step in the right direction for utilizing these devices to ensure that kids stay safe.


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  • Vonage has released a new application, titled “Time to Call” which will allow for users to make international VoIP calls from your unlocked iPhone 4 and other iOS devices. It will make things a little less complicated and willVonage Releases Time to Call Application definitely allow for users to more easily make international calls. The application will allow for you to make shorter calls, up to 15 minutes in length and to more than 190 countries in total. The race for each call, depending on the country that you will be calling, will range from a total of $.99 to $9.99 per call.


    Payments for the application will be processed through iTunes, and you will not need to create a separate account for Vonage in order to use the application. There are a few features that will make it a better choice for users than Skype and other devices, including the fact that it will have the WiFi Everywhere connection connected to it.


    The application will also utilize the 3G that is available to route the United States and Canada. You will pay the same rate whether you are calling from iphone 4 unlocked or landlines through the application, which should make it a popular option for those of us that are making many international calls. It is interesting to see so many of these VoIP applications released in recent times, but this Vonage Time to Call application seems to be one of the best and provides a number of benefits over other competitors such as Skype.

    The cheap rates for the international calls will be a huge draw to the application, and you can bet that they will be able to garner a huge user base as a result of the cheap calls and feature rich environment that they have provided. To say the least, they have provided a very interesting application that should compete with the best calling applications that are currently on the market.

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  • The rumors are swirling that Apple is preparing to launch a new service that will allow unlocked iphone 4 and ipad users to re-download music that they have previously purchased, TV shows that they previously purchased in movies they have purchased completely for free. This shows that the company is able to put together an excellent new plan that many users will find to be very beneficial. The fact that they could not previously download many of the things that they had already purchased definitely troubled some users. This new update will allow for users to have access to all of the content that they purchased previously.

    This is something that had definitely troubled many users in the past, and the ridiculous practice that the company had previously is now coming to an end. It is interesting that they are going to be jealous now debuting the service, when other operating systems that utilize services like this in the past and it may be common practice. This new iTunes Replay service is something that many users have been waiting for a very long time, and you can bet that they are going to continue to roll out new features as they become requested. Apple has been notorious for not ruling out features as quickly as many thought that they should have, but this feature is a timely addition to accounts.


    Apple May Be Launching ‘iTunes Replay’In all, Apple has managed to address some of the key concerns with their service with this update. The company themselves have not officially announced the service, but it appears to be very solid information that they’re going to be releasing in the future in that the update will add a number of very good additions to the iTunes service. Hopefully Apple continues to provide new updates to the service moving forward, and continues to bring new features to the table that users have been waiting for.

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  • For those of us that are not musically talented know how hard it can be to read notes. Now, a new IOS device such as unlocked iphone 4 has made its way to the market that will not only read the notes for you, but will also play them back to you from a piece of paper. The new Apple be able to stand and take pictures of the printed music notes, will integrate them into the application, and then we’ll play the notes out loud. This is an interesting application that has been created by the musical instruments manufacturing company Kawai.


    The application utilizes the phone camera in order to take a picture of the printed notes on the paper, and then we’ll play them back in real time. The company has also claimed that the application will also work for hand written musical notes as well as printed musical notes. They have even claimed that the new application will also work under weak lighting. The company released a number of videos showing how the application works, and so far it appears to be very interesting.

    New iOS App Reads Music Notes and Plays Them

    As of right now, the application is only available in the Japanese iOS App Store for the IOS version 4.0 and above. As of right now it costs ¥350 or $4.50. It is not currently clear when the application will become available in other countries, but the company has stated that they hope to take the worldwide and make it global in both Japanese and English. They have said that they would like to release the app worldwide sooner rather than later, but have not given an exact date as to when users can expect to be able to purchase the application for themselves. To say the least, it is a very interesting application that should appeal to the music lovers in all of us.

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  • It looks as though the iPhone 5 could potentially exceed the expectations of the company. Not only in sales, but also any number of features that the update will bring to the device. When word first one out of the market that the iPhone 5 was on the way, it was rumored to be a very small update that would bring a number of small features in the same way that some of the previous updates have done. As time has gone on, it has become increasingly clear that the Apple iPhone five is going to bring some very large updates that users should be very excited about.

    Apple iPhone 5 Could Exceed Expectations

    Durbin many different rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 over the course of the last few months, so it is kind of hard to separate fact from fiction with the way that things are currently. A number of anonymous sources with inside the company have stated that some of the rumors will be true, and that the design for the device will be much thinner than we had seen before. It has also been confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature a dual core processor and should have extended battery life when compared to the previous versions of the device.


    The update however, will not include 4G LTE service as a result of the widespread cost of the battery life upgrades. It will be interesting to see how popular the device becomes, and many are expecting it to be one of the largest iPhone releases from the company. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see if they are able to continue to capitalize on the large amount of rumors and hype that surround the device. The Apple’s unlocked iPhone 4 has grown into a cultural phenomenon and continues to be a talking point among the masses.

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  • The ability to make mobile payments straight from your mobile device such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, iphone 4 is something that we have seen a lot of companies playing with over the course of the last few months. With Google launching their latest Google Wallet application that will allow for users to make mobile payments by utilizing a number of different credit card processing companies, it now appears that Verizon is going to be integrating mobile payments along with American Express and other daily usage. The agreement that was put in place today will allow for wireless customers to make mobile payments straight from their mobile devices by utilizing their Serve account, which is the equivalent of PayPal which was opened by American Express a short time ago. It is clear that mobile devices are heading in the way of mobile payments, and agreements like this are going to be a part of making a mainstream technology in the future.

    This is probably going to be one of many agreements that we see from companies in the very near future. As we inch closer toward a mainstream system for mobile payments, it is clear that companies like Verizon are looking to better and more easily put together a system that allows for them to open a mobile payment to as many of their users as possible.

    Verizon to Add Mobile Payment Integration from American Express

    The Serve system that American Express released earlier in the year is supposed to rival PayPal and open up mobile payments of more users through the American Express platforms. It will be interesting to see if they are able to will popularize the mobile payment platform through aggressive expansion moving forward. Putting an appropriate amount of time and effort into learning how to make mobile payments will definitely benefit users moving into the future, as it is clear that the mobile industry is heading toward mobile payments.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked android cell phone and cell phone accessories such as Bluetooth Headsets.


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  • AOL Gives Daily Briefings for iPad UsersAOL will be delivering a daily briefing to users of the iPad and unlocked iphone 4 starting next week. They are looking to create a personalized magazine that is tuned for each of the specific users of the iPad through the release of their upcoming service titled AOL Editions. The company also released the video earlier in the day that details exactly how their new service will be working. The newest magazine will bring stories from a variety of different sources including BusinessWeek, CNNMoney, Forbes, TechCrunch and Wired.


    There are going to be many different editions of this magazine released to users. Each of the editions will include 30 to 50 stories from different publications around the Internet, and will be accessible by opening the AOL Editions application for your iPad. Each of the stories will be tailored to things that you are interested in that AOL is able to determine from your history in the device. This is not a new idea, but will definitely be something that could potentially really take off. AOL has been looking for ways for themselves to expand their business following the fact that their ISP business fell off with the falling off a 50 6K dial-up.

    AOL Gives Daily Briefings for iPad Users

    It will be interesting to see how quickly this new online magazine is able to catch on with iPad users as of right now the application will only be available to iPad and iphone 4 unlocked users, but could become available to more in the very near future with other smart devices and tablet computers the idea of delivering tailor-made content is something that has been out there for a long time, but the embrace of it from AOL will be able to expand the way that it is viewed among users. The ability to have tailor-made, custom content delivered to you in an iPad magazine format will be something that will draw in many users for some time to come.

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  • Apple as a company has continually impressed with the growth that we have seen in recent years. They have been able to put together an excellent amount of growth, and have reached the top smartphone vendor in the world position, posting 140% growth over the course of the last year. the company had been the number one in the world as far as profit goes for quite some time, but a markets analysis firm by the name of Strategy Analytics, that have gone on to release the second quarter smart phone numbers in regards to shipments. The release by the company show that Apple has the new top position in the market after shipping a total of 20.3 million smart phones over the course of last quarter. This number was up more than 140% from the 8.4 million phones that they share during the same quarter last year.

    Apple Reaches Top Smart Phone Vendor With 140% Growth

    Of course this can be attributed to the release of new devices, and a lull in the releases last year. It still, represents a very interesting shipping amount for the company that has grown at an amazing rate over the course of the last few years. Another company that showed significant gains over the course of the last year was Samsung. The South Korean company was able to get into the number two spot with a huge 520% year over year growth after shipping 19.2 million smart phones last quarter. Nokia, the former leader in the market fell to the number three spot and shipped only 16.7 million smart phones in the second quarter of 2011. Apple has continued to raise the popularity for their unlocked iPhone 4 and other devices and other countries than America and continues to raise the number of phones that they ship on a quarterly basis. At the very least it will be interesting to see if this growth continues into next year.

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