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Tag Archives: unlocked Iphone 4

Moshi for iPad
  • Although Vitello market is still currently potentially taking off, there are a number of new devices that are coming up that could change the way that people look at the tablet market moving forward. There have been a number of interesting devices that have been released over the course of the last few days including the Samsung Note,  the new  7.7 inch Galaxy Tab, as well as a new flat unlocked iPhone 4. It is clear that the mobile market is looking to get smaller and users are really taking to the idea of smaller mobile devices. So what is next, is it the “minitab” portion of the market just now opening up, or is this just a small fad that will only last a short amount of time."iphone-4"

    Android phones have been particularly flat and larger than all of the other styles of devices. However, others have made it clear that they are looking to go smaller, even Apple reducing the size and offering a flat version of the iPhone which they have never done before."samsung-galaxy-tab"

    Also, with the launch of the smaller version of the Samsung tablets, it is clear that all of the large companies are looking to make a number of changes to the way that they are approaching the mobile market which seems to be firmly dominated by the Apple iPad, it does not look to be heading in a different direction anytime soon.

    The tablet market has been one that is bit of a volatile at times. Devices such as unlocked Motorola Xoom Tablet that look like they’re going to perform well are actually unable to a times, and devices that look as though they are not going to do well at all tend to do better than some think they will. It will be interesting to see if the market starts to head in this direction or if it falls off.

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  • There have been many different applications to make it easier for people to be able to eat healthier. However, the recently created Foodzy attempts to make eating healthy into a game for users to make it more appealing overall. The new service will allow for cell phone users such as unlocked iPhone 4 to keep track of how much they are eating over a period of time, and will help them to provide a number of insights on how they could eat better and healthier."foodzy"

    The application will also allow you to compare your results given by the application to those of your friends. This will add a game part to the application that will make it more interesting for you to use on a day-to-day basis. This application is focused on allowing people to even live healthier overall, lose weight, and also check how their eating habits compared to those of their friends.

    The new application will be free for both IOS and Android such as unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G, but you will need to be able to have a professional account from the company that will cost you a total of $15 per year in order to be able to log in. The application is argued that on a test run in a number of different countries, performing very well in each."Foodzy Looks to Make Eating Healthy a Game For Users"

    The application will use localized food databases for more than 38 countries and all, and will be available in English, as well as three other languages. The application will be available to get a look at without charge, but in order to be able to earn badges and take a look at your eating history you will have to download and pay for the Pro version of the application which gives you a better look at how you do over time.

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  • Will Windows Phone Apps be able to run on Windows 8? This is a question that many have asked, without a great answer being out there previous. A total of 70% of the smartphone market share within the mobile industry is held by Android and Apple, and Microsoft is only holding a small 6% of the market at this time. However, so far there has not been much interest in the operating system among developers, despite the fact that the operating system is fairly promising at this time. Perhaps people feel like both unlocked iPhone 4 and Android have the market cornered, and do not have faith in Microsoft being able to keep up."Windows-8"

    The company also debuted their new Windows 8 operating system recently, and it has become abundantly clear that they are looking to go to the tile structure with the Windows 8 as well. It looks as though the company is looking to familiarize users with the style of interface, in the same way that Apple has done with their most recent version of OSx, in order to allow users to have a little bit of familiarity when they are smart devices as well. This is definitely been something that companies have been interested in as of late, and appears to be the direction that Microsoft is heading with the Windows 8 operating system as well."windows-phone-apps"

    Some believe that the company is looking to streamline the process for developers so that they can develop applications both for the Windows 8 operating system, as well as for Windows phones such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround in one fell swoop. This would be a smart marketing strategy as it would give developers more of a reason to work with Microsoft and also allow them to greatly expand their application marketplace for both styles of devices. This could be a huge move that could help them to garner more market share that others may not see coming far in advance.

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  • Apple Loses another Prototype in a Bar
    Posted on September 5, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Apple has lost another prototype in a bar, which may bring the memories in the past from when they did the same thing. It is not known exactly why these prototypes have been lost in the bars, but it is apparent that Apple employees are meeting with one another at these locations that are accidentally leaving behind prototypes of some of their most popular devices. The most recent unreleased unlocked iPhone 5 prototype that was found in a bar was lost in the bar Cava22, a very popular bar in the San Francisco area. It was reported that Apple quickly tried to recover the device, and the phone was quickly track to a house in the San Francisco area.

    Apple Loses another Prototype in a Bar

    Apple Loses another Prototype in a Bar

    They were able to get to the house and find a young man in his 20s who had been in the bar earlier. The man, after being questioned and not knowing about the phone despite the fact that outlaws were not for the phone and also offered a no questions asked deal that would allow him to sell him the phone and never have to deal with any legal ramifications as a result. The phone was then later sold on craigslist for a total of $200 to acquire that turned out to be unknown. It is not currently clear house source knows of the sale, but it is clear that the phone did eventually end up on craigslist for a total of $200. If Apple continues to lose prototypes of their favorite devices in the bars I frequent, you can bet that they are going to have a hard time with being allowed to remove the protons from the company in the future. There have been multiple problems with these type of issues, you can bet that Apple is going to look for ways that they can nip this in the bud and continue to go about business as usual.

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  • iTunes Match is going to allow for unlocked iphone 4 users to store their complete MP3 portfolio on iCloud. This should be interesting because it will allow for them to be able to put together all of the music that they have purchased through the iTunes flat form, and be able to access it anywhere. The iTunes Match store allows you to store your complete music library on the service, which then can be accessed from your car, and other locations. The service is currently in beta and is available to developers across the United States for the first time. Subscribers are going to be able to receive the itunes Match service during the beta period and will receive three months for free along with the 12 month paid subscription to the service.

    iTunes Match To Be Available For Developers

    In order to start utilizing the data for the service you can download the current version of the IOS five Beta along with the new version of the iTunes data, which will come with the new service installed. Once you have installed all of the new versions of the software, then you can subscribe for $24.99 per month to the iCloud service.


    To say the least, it is going to be a very interesting service that will allow for people to put their entire collection on the iCloud service without having to do it themselves. This is something that will bring a lot of people through the new cloud-based music service and will allow for them to be able to hold on to all of the music that they have been downloading over the course of the last few years and to still use it with the new services that Apple has made available to their iphone 4 unlocked users. Its looks as though it should be a very interesting service that a lot of people will find to be useful.

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  • NFC is a technology that will undoubtedly be a popular one at some point in the future. They’re still quite a ways to go until the average person is utilizing the NFC technology, and this will require an adoption on a large scale before it becomes part of the everyday use. A number of other companies are also utilizing other technology that will allow them to be able to also use the NFC technology. The companies reportedly plans to invest as much as $100 million in a joint venture that will allow for them to put together a mobile payments network titled Isis. This network would allow for all of the companies to be able to use the technology with unlocked iphone 4 and would allow them to further push the technology forward so that it becomes a regular part of users lies in the future.

    AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile Gamble on Mobile Payments

    With large companies such as Google also putting together programs such as Google Wallet, which will allow for them to be able to utilize this technology when they have devices that are usable with it.a number of networks are also putting together plans that will allow for them to utilize offer services which will allow them to send coupons to users for various different causes.


    It was originally planned for them to launch the new service sometime in the middle of 2012, but a number of different things have slowed down their move to make the change. The company seemed to be on the fast track in terms of utilizing merchants to use the service from iphone 4 unlocked, and you can bet that because of the profile of the companies that they will be able to garner a lot of different companies to be able to work with them. NFC is big and carriers including others will join in on the action.

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  • Apple iPhone 5 to Be Thinner, Lighter
    Posted on August 31, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    There have been many rumors regarding the new Apple’s unlocked iPhone five and the features that we can expect to see from the phone. There is been a lot of speculation surrounding the iPhone 5 and it does not appear to be slowing down. Today a number of images made their way online that shows some of the hardware for the phone. These images suggest that perhaps the Apple iPhone five will be a bit slimmer and less heavy than it was last year. This is great news for those of us that had some worries about the size of the previous versions of the device. These changes will definitely bring a number of new users to the device and will allow for it to be a highly popular device among the users that have loved it.

    Apple iPhone 5 to Be Thinner, Lighter

    The photos that were published of the rumored iPhone accessories of started to leak out and show that it will be thinner and the volume buttons will be on the opposite side of where they sit on the current version of the device. Additionally, the module for the camera is going to be quite different than it was for the previous versions. In all, the device looks like it is going to be a very solid one that should be able to provide users with an excellent upgrade over the previous version of the Apple iPhone 4 unlocked.


    Another thing that you need to take into account when you’re analyzing whether or not to purchase the device is whether the upgrades that have been made are going to be the deciding factor for you. Being able to find features that make the most sense for how you plan on using the device should be something that should help you to put together an excellent list of different devices that you are interested in. If the iPhone 5 seems to match what you were looking for, you might want to give it a look.

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  • Have you ever wanted a phone case that would keep your unlocked iPhone 4 for safe from water, sand, mud, and all of the other elements that are out there that could potentially damage your phone? Getting a case for your iPhone for a something that everyone should do, but getting one that is able to keep it completely safe from all of the elements should definitely help you to keep it running into top form for longer."EscapeCapsul"

    The vast majority of those that keep your phone safe from all of the elements including water often make your phone more bulky. However, the EscapeCapsule, is not as bulky as the others that have appeared in recent years. In fact, it is pretty thin overall. It is made from high impact clear poly carbonate, and is able to protect against even the most damaging events.

    All of the hardware of the phone as well as the bonds is going to be protected through a specially designed membrane and read your fingers and a way that is very similar itself reads your fingers. Even with the cover on, the camera still works surprisingly well."EscapeCapsul"

    There are a number of different colors of the case will come in, so you can mix and match with your device. The cases will come with a lanyard that you can attach to your list while you are playing in the water with your iPhone, and will be able to stay on your hands even when you’re not utilizing it.

    At this point, after 28 days the company has a goal of $30,000 in funding, and currently only have $3780 in funding total. This means that they are still looking for donations over and Quick starter and would undoubtedly enjoy your help. EscapeCapsul is a company that is really designed a case that is really going to raise the standard for waterproof cases moving into the future.

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  • Tim Cook Internal Email Leaked
    Posted on August 26, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has had an internal e-mail. In the e-mail, he is addressing Apple employees and giving his general stance on the subject. Throughout the e-mail he addressed employee stating that he was excited about the challenges ahead of him and was eager to try and meet the expectations of their users such as unlocked iPhone 4. It was clear that he was trying to calm the atmosphere throughout the company after longtime CEO Steve Jobs stepped down from the position. Rather e-mail he also praised Steve Jobs for being an incredible leader and mentor to him throughout his years at the company, stated that he was confident that the company would not be going through many changes now that he’s taken over."Tim-Cook-Apple"

    The e-mail was addressed to all of their 45,000 employees and stated that he cherished the principles and values that Steve had instilled in the company during his time as the chief executive officer. He said that he felt that Steve Jobs had been successful in building a company culture that was different from any other in the world and that he had been a huge part of bringing some of the best products to the table that the world had ever seen."steve jobs"

    Much of the e-mail was also addressing the loyal fans that Apple has been able to put together over the years. Keep Apple on the same course, it is ideal that they continue to keep the same friends and raise awareness about their current products such as iPad accessories. The Tim Cook e-mail does not really say anything that you would not expect the say, but does address a number of key issues that the company is going to have to deal with in the coming months without their longtime CEO Steve Jobs at the helm. It will be interesting to see what kind of process the company goes through during the switch.

    This post was posted in Accessories, Apple and was tagged with unlocked Iphone 4, Tim Cook Internal Email Leaked, ipad accessories

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  • Have you ever wondered how independent producers of entertainment, such as all of the users on uStream are able to put together mobile applications for unlocked iphone 4 that will allow them to better advertise their live television shows online? This is something that they have been looking to do for a long time, and their partnership with Mobile Roadie to bring this to their users. The Mobile Roadie deal with ustream broadcasters to allow them to create mobile applications that will utilize their uStream live channels on mobile devices.

    UStream Allows Broadcasters to Create Mobile Apps

    This will allow for many of these broadcasters to better promote their shows to users of mobile devices, which has been a little difficult up until this point. The uStream apps will send push notifications to users when the broadcaster goes live, and will allow users to be able to RSVP for other events. They will also be collecting analytics of these which will allow for broadcasters to have a better look at the visitors that are using their streams. So far they have not had a lot of options available.


    The ability for the company to outsource the development of the apps will allow them to get the best of what they have to offer without having to stray from their main business at all. this will benefit the broadcasters and will also allow them to not divert their attention away from ensuring that the service continues to grow in other arenas as well. A number of their larger streamers already have mobile apps so this may come a little bit late for some.

    UStream Allows Broadcasters to Create Mobile Apps

    They also developed an unlocked iPhone 4 app for a number of different companies in recent months including Random House and Sony Music. Mobile Roadie makes developing apps for anyone quite simple and bringing this addition straight to uStream broadcasters will only benefit the company.

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