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Tag Archives: unlocked Iphone 3gs

Moshi for iPad
  • AT&T has confirmed that all pre-orders of its iPhone 4 have now been sold out, which is not really surprising considering the expected demand for it. In a released press release AT&T has confirmed that all pre-orders for the iPhone 4 have been completely sold out and although users still have the ability of ordering their Unlocked IPhone 4 through the internet, these would not be shipped until a later date, which would be after the 24th, the launch date of the iPhone. However, if you are a diehard Apple iPhone fan, you can still stand in line for phone on launch date.

    The fact that there has been immense demand an interest in the iPhone 4 has resulted in yesterday being the busiest day in AT&T’s history. If you are a customer that has placed an order with AT&T for a preordered iPhone 4, chances are that you will get it only after the 25th due to the massive rush. Says a representative of AT&T, “Since all preorder sales of the iPhone 4 have been booked, we are planning on emailing customers that have recently placed their orders for confirmation. Once their order has been shipped, we will once again email them. At the same time, all iPhone 4 devices will be made available on a first come first serve basis from 24th June onwards.”

    The amount of hype that has been generated by the iPhone 4 preorder has been immense and so it is safe to say that any leaked prototypes or glitches in the AT&T system did not affect demand. Considering the fact that many of those planning n purchasing the iPhone 4 must have recently spent money on the iPad suggests that Apple is laughing all the way to the bank. Previously the iPhone 3 and the Unlocked IPhone 3GS 32 GB had both sold more than one million devices in the first weekend and so it will not be surprising to see Apple’s latest model do better.

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