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Moshi for iPad
  • Will Windows Phone Apps be able to run on Windows 8? This is a question that many have asked, without a great answer being out there previous. A total of 70% of the smartphone market share within the mobile industry is held by Android and Apple, and Microsoft is only holding a small 6% of the market at this time. However, so far there has not been much interest in the operating system among developers, despite the fact that the operating system is fairly promising at this time. Perhaps people feel like both unlocked iPhone 4 and Android have the market cornered, and do not have faith in Microsoft being able to keep up."Windows-8"

    The company also debuted their new Windows 8 operating system recently, and it has become abundantly clear that they are looking to go to the tile structure with the Windows 8 as well. It looks as though the company is looking to familiarize users with the style of interface, in the same way that Apple has done with their most recent version of OSx, in order to allow users to have a little bit of familiarity when they are smart devices as well. This is definitely been something that companies have been interested in as of late, and appears to be the direction that Microsoft is heading with the Windows 8 operating system as well."windows-phone-apps"

    Some believe that the company is looking to streamline the process for developers so that they can develop applications both for the Windows 8 operating system, as well as for Windows phones such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround in one fell swoop. This would be a smart marketing strategy as it would give developers more of a reason to work with Microsoft and also allow them to greatly expand their application marketplace for both styles of devices. This could be a huge move that could help them to garner more market share that others may not see coming far in advance.

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  • Although for quite some time it did look like the iPad 3 would be launching toward the end of 2011, it now appears as if the device will actually be launching in the early part of 2012. The good news for consumers is that the device will now launch complete with the retina display that has been so popular on the unlocked iPhone 4 that the company has released. A number of reports from multiple sources have claimed that the third generation of the popular Apple iPad was looking at a fall or winter 2011 launch, but it now appears as if those rumors were halted because of manufacturing issues that have to do with the highly popular retina display. Apple has reportedly been having a number of issues with their manufacturers to get things running in a smooth and suitable fashion."iPad 3 with Retina Display"

    The problem came when they went to manufacture the iPad three 2048 x 1536 pixel display that was one of the selling points for the device. They were unable to manufacture the screen quickly enough for the device, and as a result Apple is forced to halt their operations and launch at a later date. It has been customary for the company to launch their devices during the spring, but it now looks as if we are looking at an early release next year perhaps before the spring during the later part of the winter."iPad 3"

    It will be interesting to see how quickly they are able to launch the device in 2012. Apple is not a company that likes to fall behind their release schedule, and all of the problems that they inhabit their manufacturing companies over the course of the last few years have to have been wearing on them. It is not currently clear which manufacturing companies the problem with most prominently, but expect that information to be leaked at some point in the near future.

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  • A recent released by the analytical company PEW as stated that a recent survey that they conducted showed that over half of the US mobile phone customers utilize their cell phones for the retrieval of information. They have been able to put together a wide range of different options that are currently available that utilize the Internet for information retrieval, and it is apparent that many customers in the US think that information retrieval is a very important part of the process. Currently 51% of all adults in the US that own a cell phone such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround, to utilize the funds to grab information that they need right away off of the Internet.Pew Logo

    The additional 40% that was surveyed say that they use their phones only for emergencies. As many as 42% of the total so that they utilize their phones to get rid of the boredom that they have on a day-to-day basis and the group between 18 and 29 years old stated that 70% of them utilize the phone to stave off boredom.US Customers Use Cell Phones For Info Retrieval

    A total of 92% of smartphone owner said that they utilize their phone to send text messages and also stated that they utilize their phone to take a picture at the same percentage. 84% said that they use their phone to access the Internet and, 80%, stated that they utilize their phone to send a photo or video to someone that they know. Sending and receiving e-mail was also high on the list with a total of 76% of the total number survey. 69% said that they like to download half utilizing their own while 64% stated that music was the main reason they utilize their smartphone such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change over the course of the next few years and whether or not they’re going to be able to put together a good idea why people utilize their own future.

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  • The Facebook application is notorious for the various bugs and problems that it has undergone since its release. It is regarded as one of the buggiest mainstream and large applications out there on the market. The official application for both unlocked iPhone 4 and Windows phone operating systems will be receiving an update here in the very near future. It will be bumped up to version 3.4.4 and will continue to correct many of the errors that users have complained about for quite some time. One of the biggest issues that it is going to fix is the issue and bugs that surrounded the send button for comments, chat and messages. Many users have reported that the chat section have received a lot of bad feedback, with messages getting deleted and messages not ever sending even though the application stated that they had been sent.

    The company also announced that the application will no longer randomly crash on iPhone users. This is a bug that has been around for quite some time and it is a bit surprising that they have not fixed it as of yet. The Windows forms version of the application will receive an update to version 2.1, and will fix one of the larger issues that have been associated with the application, an issue that dealt with accessing the picture albums of friends through the cell phone such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround.

    It is interesting that they choose now is the time to update. And it’s been regarded as one of the largest issues throughout its release, in Facebook has been one of the most complained about applications on the market. It will be interesting to see this update fixes all of the known issues that have been out there for some time, or if he continues to create problems and additional bugs in the application.

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  • The FBI has now rated the homes of three different hackers from a group known as anonymous. These hackers were located in the New York City area, and the news was first reported by Fox News. a total of more than 10 FBI agents were able to get into the house of Giordani Jordan, who is located in the Baldwin, New York area. The FBI agents reportedly to release one laptop from the premises, and have suspected that Jordan is part of a plan to launch a denial of service attack against a number of different firms including both MasterCard and Visa. It is not currently clear how they were able to track the events to him, but you can bet that more arrests will be coming in the following days. The police are also reportedly searching homes are located in Long Island and Brooklyn areas.

    The hackers are all reportedly in their late teens, and early 20s, and have been acting for the group of anonymous for the last few years. As of right now, it is unclear if the hackers that were rated R. part of the group Lulzsec, a group that has been responsible for hacking a number of huge firms over the course of the last few months including both Sony, the U.S. Senate website, as well as the CIA.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of charges is handed down of any evidence; it was part of these attacks. And for more individuals to be rated in the coming days, with possible attacks coming from the group in response.

    If the FBI is able to find evidence of the hacking, you can expect them to make it publicly known quickly. They want to quickly bring down the threat of further attacks from the screw, a group that consists of many anonymous members that never reveal their identity.

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  • According to a number of recent reports, Microsoft is now asking that Samsung pay $15 licensing fee for every Android smart phone that it makes. Yes, you heard that right. They are asking for a $15 licensing fee for every Android phone that Samsung makes. The Redmond based company said that it believed that the software patents that they currently home will cover the technology that is used in Samsung’s Android devices such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II. According to the history on the present subject, it looks as though Microsoft will be getting its way.

    It was just last year that HTC was forced to sign an agreement that would allow for them to pay a total of $15 per device based on the patents that Microsoft already owns such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround. It expects that Samsung will return an offering for a total of $10 for each device that it creates, but the upper hand is definitely on Microsoft’s side in this case since the company also had a number of lawsuits recently with Apple, and the fact that Microsoft has teamed up with Facebook to combat the new Google social network, it appears as if every company is fighting each other on a different front. Apple has also attacked Samsung claiming that they copycat devices that they say also infringes on the patents that they have. Since they have been constantly tied up in these battles, this one seems most definitely favor Microsoft over any other organization. It will be interesting to see if they reach some sort of pre-determined amount in court, or if they come to an agreement before that. It is clear that if Microsoft takes the court that they will win, and will probably reach a similar agreement to the agreement that was reached with  HTC just last year. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft also continues to target other companies that are using their patented technology in the future.

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  • The Guinness Book of World Records will be releasing a new game for unlocked cell phones, and will be printing the high scores from the game in their book. Up until this point, Guinness World Records have made it a point not to publish the high scores of games that are not popular on a national level within their book. This will be the first time that they have published the high scores from a game that was not popular on a national level.

    The game, which will reportedly be called “Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition Arcade” and will feature a number of different games for which the high scores will be tracked. There will be five different min-games in total. One, called Monkey Country will have you take out as many primates as possible in just one minute.

    There has been no word as to how the company will track the games to make sure that people have not found a way to exploit the different facets of the game. As with any mini game, inevitably someone figures out a way to beat the programming and garner the high score. It will be interesting to see if they put any kind of anti-cheating in place to ensure that no one sneaks their way into the Guinness Book of World Records. They are usually quite strict, and require that the actual event be recorded.

    If this idea is successful, look for the company to consider more ideas like this in the future. The goal of getting into the book is one that many people have, but few are able to do. Now, they have given a way for people to get in without having to call out an inspector.

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    This post was posted in HTC, Sony Ericsson and was tagged with unlocked Sony Ericsson U5a Vivaz, unlocked HTC 7 Surround

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  • Experian Hitwise, a web analytics company has stated that Bing looks as though it has been able to garner 30% of the US search market from Google. This is a bit of a surprising figure for a search engine that is less than two years old in total. This means that Bing has moved up more than 6% between the months of February and March. Google saw their share of the US search market fall about 3%, leaving them with just over 64% of the search market.

    Of course, Google is still the undisputed leader in the US and world search markets. However, some have suggested that perhaps the Bing and Yahoo agreement have made both companies much more effective than Google has been in recent years. The firm states that over 80% of searches that come from Bing and Yahoo will result in finding a website you are looking for, while only about 65% of Google searches will get you to where you would like to be.

    Google is certainly falling in the US, but maintains a stranglehold on the world market as a whole. With Bing and Yahoo gaining ground through their agreement, Google will have to figure out how they can maintain their current hold on the US market.

    Bing has aggressively pursued unlocked cell phone users since the incident took place, and has managed to carve out a number of deals that will allow them to take hold of some of the market. Bing and Yahoo reached an agreement to run through the same platform over a year ago, and it has been undeniably good to them, as they have seen their overall market share rise quite a bit since the deal was first enacted. Google has yet to comment on the story after it broke.

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