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Tag Archives: unlocked google nexus one

Moshi for iPad
  • No Silent Mode on Android!!
    Posted on July 13, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The Flash technology has recently been integrated in Android devices. But it has been discovered that that the Flash 10.1 player on Android will play the sound, regardless of what mode the phone is on!

    Watching a Flash-enabled video on the Android device will have the sound playing even if you put it on silent mode. It is always advisable to use your headphones or earphones if you are with people. Otherwise, you will wake everybody up, and face the consequences. It is quite a problem for Adobe, to have blatantly overlooked this small fact. But then again, the Flash player 10.1 for Google’s Unlocked Nexus one Android is still a Beta version, and so, Adobe can be forgiven for this tiny mistake.

    A much hassled user said that most of us are dependant upon on silent mode on all our devices to help the babies to stay asleep. He complains about obvious problems regarding the lack of silent mode which has caused severe disturbance in a number of ways.

    Although this e-mail does not quite resemble a proper complaint, it can be assumed that the guys at Adobe are listening at this point. The silent issue will be fixed in a jiffy, hopefully. It could be done so in the form of a patch which is pretty easy to install, or be taken care of in a beta version of the player.

    Adobe has to work really hard to establish the fact that Flash on unlocked cell  phones is the way to go now, and in order to do this, Adobe must not overlook these mistakes in the future. Adobe is the leading company when it comes to developing newer technologies for the internet. Its flash technology is one of the best to have ever hit the mobile industry and so it is vital they take whatever precautions are necessary.

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  • If you have a business, you can now make use of the Motorola i1 which is soon to be powered by Google's Nexus One Unlocked gadget award-winning operating system software Android. Now together with Boost mobile services, you can avail a special discounted price of $50 a month to get unlimited text messaging, talk time as well as Internet services. Fitted with a five megapixel camera and making use of the new Opera Web browser, the 3.1 inch display screen is perfect and complete for any requirement you might have. Together with the monthly unlimited service of Boost, you can now stay in touch with your friends and relatives through unlimited text messaging, web Internet services and greater talk time for just $50 per month. At the same time, it will be the first Android enabled mobile phone that is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated with the new SWYPE® technology thereby allowing users much faster messaging capabilities.

    From 20th June onwards, this Boost mobile exclusive service is to be made available in all retail stores around the country. In fact, it has been stated that the Motorola i1 would be the first touch screen mobile phone that is powered by Android and can also be used as a walkie-talkie. Says a representative of Boot Mobile, “In the last year, we made an impressive impact on the mobile world because of our offers of unlimited data plans. This year we plan to do the same again together with Motorola Unlocked Cell Phones. We are privileged to providing all of our customers a complete opportunity of enjoying rich features together with walkie-talkie capability built on the functionality of the Android. By making use of our 1,100 Best Buy locations and 80 Best Buy Mobile stores, it will not be difficult for customers to avail of our handsets.”

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