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Moshi for iPad
  • While it might be true that Sprint is the only network in the entire country that makes use of a 4G WiMax, they have to be wary since it has now been revealed that T-mobile also catching up to them with their recently launched HSPA+ network. For those unaware, the HSPA+ network is capable of reaching speeds on par with that of the 4G. But in all probability, how close is this network when you try to compare it to the WiMAX network? We recently conducted tests in Philadelphia and did exactly this. We put the 4G network of Sprint’s against the 4G data network of T-mobile.

    While a total of six different locations in Philadelphia were used for the conducting of the tests, it was found that the WiMAX network boasted of an overall download speed of 4,066 kbps whereas the upload speed was around 978Kbps. On average, it was found that the WiMAX network had a download speed of 2785 kilobytes per second while the upload speed was 600 kbps. After that we tried the HSPA+ network of T-Mobile. When we tested it in one particular city, the overall download speed was 5442 kbps while the upload speed was 1880 kbps. On an average it was found that the overall download speed for the HSPA + network was 2960kbps whereas the upload speed on an average was 1283 kbps.

    So if you compare the two, obviously the 4G network of T-mobile is the clear winner. If you're planning on testing both the networks by yourself, remember that the speed changes are minimal, real world events are attributed to the change and as such they cannot be controlled.

    Over the past few months, both mobile carriers have been trying very aggressively in branding their name much more than the other. While a new infrastructure is being built for Sprint, T-mobile is doing whatever they can to allow Internet users much faster browsing connections.

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