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Moshi for iPad
  • Aldo Panessidi

    For the longest time now, Blackberry Playbook users have been waiting for Android app compatibility, native email, PIM access and calendar applications to be officially released.  It seems that the waiting time is over with the planned February release of this long awaited Playbook OS 2 version which will include these apps on a new QNX operating system.  We believe these upgrades coupled with a $300 OFF price tag, will allow the tablet to enjoy more invigorating sales volumes.

    Blackberry Playbook OS 2- Scheduled For A February Release

    The Blackberry Playbook OS @ brings numerous changes to the platform, squarely aimed to make this device a gem within the developer community.  The Playbook OS 2 supports among other things,  Adobe Air 3 and Flash 11 are supported, Open GL ES 2.0 and Open AL along with RIM’s Native SDK –which brings support for C/C++ apps.  The Blackberry Playbook OS 2 RIM allows standards-based apps built using web code like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and even WebGL with the introduction of WebWorks and a much-improved browser.  Users will no doubt want to further exploit and enhance the Blackberry Playbook OS 2 with accessories like, docks, memory cards, earpieces and headsets as well as speakers.

    Yet, given the RIM's numerous stumbles over this past year, this handful of free apps is a step in the right direction to win back market favor.  Finally, the Blackberry Playbook — which has always been a capable, powerful tablet — is getting an OS that is more on par with its hardware.  It now time to protect your device with branded tablet accessories.

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