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Tag Archives: unlocked blackberry phones

Moshi for iPad
  • HoHoHo! Blackberry’s Merry… Sorry?
    Posted on December 30, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    By Megan Fleet

    One last reminder: Blackberry readers and users, go get your free gift! A few weeks ago we let you know about some lovely apps being made available free by RIM. A conciliatory action, the manufacturer extended the gift with goodwill to make amends for the service outage that occurred a few months ago.  These thirteen apps are only available through December 31st, so if you are inclined to procrastinate until January 1st, be prepared to pay regular price.  Let the latest trend setting fashionable accessories express your unique style!  Discover an extensive array of award-wining design protective cases and skins that deliver modern style, stunning design and smart protection.  Make your mobile devices stand out.  Customize your look - how cool can you be?

    HoHoHo! Blackberry’s Merry… Sorry?Here is a listing of the apps you can choose from : Shazam, Encore, Vlingo, DriveSafely Pro, Bubble Bash 2, The Sims 3, Nobex Radio Premium, Bejeweled, N.O.V.A., Photo Editor Ultimate, SimCity Deluxe, iSpeech Translator Pro, Texas Hold’em Poker 2 and Enterprise.

    The question remains – will the goodwill gesture help heal some of the debacles of the past year that include the foundation rattling PlayBook jailbreak? Thankfully for RIM, a new year is around the corner where they can continue to make amends and extending positive public relation actions to win back their lost market share.   Re-discover music with XMI Speakers... uncompromised sound quality and a revolutionary design accentuating  today's interactive lifestyle.   Our earpieces and headsets combine sophisticated style and precision engineering that deliver brilliant sound for your total listening pleasure

    Luckily in the current mobile technology environment, RIM can make an impact through its tablet offerings, Honeycomb OS release, and the plethora of manufacturer approved accessories that make any Blackberry collection complete.  Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover our select accessories such as , as stylus & pens, SD Micro memory cards, batteries, speakers and glider gloves specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    HoHoHo! Blackberry’s Merry… Sorry?Another strategy the flailing Canadian company could take is pursuing the unlocked cell phone market to win over the more discerning customer pool, but with new devices released (and depending on the country they are being released in) there is no saying how that will play out in the coming months for the North American crowd.

    All in all, we cannot make commentary on the success of the free apps as it will not end until 2012 is already upon us, but RIM is sure to stay on our radar for what it brings to the table in the coming year (whether it be good, bad or ugly!).

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  • RIM Introduces New BBX Platform
    Posted on October 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    There are few press conferences happening this week with the important ones being from Blackberry and Motorola. In typical fashion the major companies are aligning their conferences in time for the holiday season to build up the hype and speculation on what new and exciting features are going to be made available.

    RIM Introduces New BBX Platform

    For last little while Blackberry has been under the gun in that they have long been seen as a phone that has been behind in the times. Most wondered when they will make significant improvements to their operating system. Well, the wait is finally over as Blackberry has just announced their new BBX platform.

    The key feature of the operating system is that it is making use of HTML 5 and Blackberry is encouraging developers to use HTML 5 to bridge the gap other applications with the several Blackberry operating systems that are currently being used on their phones such as Unlocked Bold 9900, Torch 9860, etc. This includes Blackberry OS 6, Blackberry OS 7, as well as the native BBX platform set to be released shortly. Other features of the platform include support for integration into the Blackberry cloud service and their proprietary UI framework which will be available in the coming weeks.

    RIM Introduces New BBX PlatformRIM hopes that the release of the BBX platform will be used to create what they term as super apps taking advantage of Blackberry BBM functionality that can make for a very unique and personal user experience.

    If the BBX platform was released a year or so ago we would be excited about the features and possibilities that the platform provides. However, most of the functionality already exists on other operating systems on the market making the news not so great. We'll see how the launch of this platform will affect the overall perception of Blackberry as well as market share and support from developers they will receive.

    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked Blackberry phones and cell phone accessories such as Cases and Skins.

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  • RIM Stock Prices Reach New Low
    Posted on September 26, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    RIM Stock Prices Reach New LowThe company Research In Motion has been in a real hurry to turn things around and get back the market share that they once had. However, it has become increasingly clear that they are struggling more than ever. They’re underwhelming quarters to earnings report last week really hurt the company and has driven down their stock to a low that they have never seen before at $21.52. It is the lowest that they have been in the last five years. Previous to this, the previous low that the company had was last August but even then, it was still eight cents higher than it is now. It has become increasingly clear that the overall investor confidence in the company is slipping, and the company has been unable to turn things around and regain the profits that they once had.


    As a result, the company went on to release as many as seven new Blackberry devices, and despite the promising sales, it does not seem to bolster their stock price at this time. It will be interesting to see if they are able to regain the confidence of their shareholders and to get enough cash flow back into the company to make a real run at regaining market share that they once had. At one point, it looked as if Research In Motion in their Blackberry devices were going to take over the market, unlocked iPhone 4 seem to be able to secure a large number of different carriers and as a result through at a much faster rate.

    RIM Stock Prices Reach New Low

    Blackberries typically have the reputation of being a business minded phone and are a part of the working world, but that has really held back Research In Motion from being able to garner a larger audience. They have been able to put together an excellent array of choices, but that does not necessarily mean that their rebirth is going to be as successful as they had once hoped.


    PureMobile carries wide range of Blackberry accessories and unlocked Blackberry phones such as Bold Touch 9900, Torch 9810, etc..

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  • Dolby and Research in Motion have struck a deal together, abruptly ending what would have been a pretty nasty lawsuit between the two companies. The companies reached a licensing agreement, when Dolby Digital found out that Research In Motion was utilizing some of their technology without having first paid for its unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900, Torch 9810. This was a huge problem, as Dolby Digital maintained that they felt that they were owed backpay as a result.

    Dolby and RIM Have New Licensing Deal, Ending Potential Lawsuit

    Research In Motion and Dolby Digital ended up reaching a license agreement that kept both companies from having to go to court over the issue. The company was looking for them to recover the financial damages that they were forced to incur, when Research In Motion use their efficient digital audio compression technology.


    The amount that they were able to save throughout the process in settling was probably a large amount of otherwise they would not have done it. They have continued to pursue the lawsuit since they first filed it, likely in an effort to get them to this level to wrap up the negotiations.


    Research in Motion has been on a mission to get their market share up to where it was previously after dripping a significant amount over the course of the last few years. The have announced a number of huge upcoming releases and likely did not want their momentum to be slowed by a public lawsuit.

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  • Virgin Mobile has released a brand-new plan that is exclusively for Blackberry smart devices. The plan that they are launching is going to be exclusively for the unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810. The plan is going to be called the myBuddies planning is going to allow them to launch a plan that will be available for Blackberry smartphones. It will be available until September 30, and will allow for you to pick up the plan at just $40 per month. This is a great discount over the previous plan that they offered on research in motion and Blackberry phones.

    Virgin Mobile Launches myBuddies 40 Plan

    The plan will be available through September 30 and will offer users a total of 200 anytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends for all users which will start at 6 PM, unlimited use of the Blackberry messenger, unlimited social networking use and updating, which is something that has not always been available, as well as unlimited calling between 10 people of your own choosing. Also included in this plan is unlimited incoming tax, which means that you will not be charged if someone decides to overload your inbox with text messages. Another popular feature that makes this plan very popular among Blackberry users includes the unlimited international text and the fact that picture messaging is also unlimited. The Virgin mobile my Buddies plan will also allow for call waiting and three-way calling. Things that will not be included on the list include voice mail and data, which means that you need to watch the amount of data that you transfer on the Internet.

    Virgin Mobile Launches myBuddies 40 Plan

    It is good to see that they are launching these new plans, just as Blackberry looks to increase their market share through new marketing technique. They are taking aim at a number of the companies within the space in a new operation that they launched today and have stated that they are looking for new ways to shake up the industry.

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  • Although IOS and the unlocked iPhone 4 are clearly the most popular device in the nation, that does not mean that every state is currently utilizing the IOS and iPhone more than other devices. It will be interesting to see how the map between Android and IOS changes moving into the future. The United States seems to be split pretty evenly between the two operating systems for mobile devices. Currently their shares at 38% while the Apple IOS marketshare is sitting at 33% as of June.

    US Map Divided Between Android and iPhone

    Other estimates have stated that the Android market share is at 40% while Apple is currently sitting at 26.6%. This is the largest difference that we’ve seen over the course of all of the estimates that have been released. It is currently clear that Android phones are more popular than I phones throughout the United States, with certain states being more apt to Android devices or IOS devices.


    States such as Washington, on the whole, California, Texas, Florida and others tend to lean more toward Android. States such as Rhode Island, Montana, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, in Virginia all lean toward IOS and iPhone 4 unlocked devices and only a handful of states including Oregon and New York utilize the Blackberry device is most often, this is probably because these are centers for business, with less personal users per 100 people.

    US Map Divided Between Android and iPhone

    A number of other states are currently neutral including Alabama, Mississippi and Nevada. The states do not lean heavily in any direction, but it is clear that the country as a whole tends to lean toward Android devices, with IOS devices coming close behind. To say the least, it will be interesting to see how the map changes over time and whether or not the map continues to change as the mobile industry shapes and shifts itself as time moves on. Most analytical companies have continued to predict that Android will be taking over the market.

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  • Research In Motion Launches QNX Phone
    Posted on August 10, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Research In Motion recently announced their Blackberry 7 lineup which will include a number of new devices such as unlocked Blackberry Torch Touch 9860, Bold Touch 9900 that have not been previously revealed by the company. They will also be launching their new QNX phone, which is a device that has garnered a lot of attention since it was first announced. The company has touted the superior battery life is a reason why many consumers should give it a chance. It also has full-color screens as well as a 1 GHz plus processor and a quad core CPU for mobile devices. This will make it the most high-powered Research In Motion device that the company has released so far.

    Research In Motion Launches QNX Phone

    With their tablet, the Blackberry PlayBook, underperforming in terms of their expectations, it is clear that they are looking for devices that will be hyped by the media in the same way that other high-powered devices have been in recent times. It will be interesting to see if the new QNX phone is able to garner the same following that other phones have had in recent times.


    Blackberry and RIM have had a number of failures in terms of the unlocked devices that they have released recently, and they’re hoping that a few of the devices that they are developed recently can help them to put together an excellent array of different devices that are available to users that will help them to raise the popularity of their services that they provide.


    Research In Motion Launches QNX PhoneResearch in Motion as a company has drastically changed their philosophy over the course of the last few months and continued to update how they go about releasing new devices, as well as the type of devices that they release. The QNX has a full keyboard that will allow for quick e-mailing and texting, as with many of the devices that they have released recently.


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  • Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2
    Posted on July 1, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2 is but a device that has been highly anticipated by many different users for a long period of time.  The devices continue to be a top-of-the-line addition to everything that is already out there and should be one of the top devices released over the course of the next few months. Some of the specs that have been leaks so far that have been confirmed include the following;

    Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2

    The device 11.2 GHz processor along with a 3.2 wrenched display that has a 480 x 640 touchscreen display.  It will come with 8 GB of internal storage along with 768 MB of RAM.  You also will have access to a 32 MB micro is the current which should help you to add additional storage to the device.  The camera that comes complete with the device will be a five megapixel camera, and will be rephrasing.  There are no front facing cameras, and the device will not allow for you to have video chat with anyone else.  This is one of the things that many users were wishing would come complete with a Blackberry phone, but it does not appear as if it will be there.

     Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 2

    You can bet that the BlackBerry Torch 2 unlocked will be very popular among the unlocking community.  So far they have been one of the biggest communities to support blackberries because of the features an additional customization options are provided when you unlock your phone.  One of the biggest things about unlocking your phone is the ability to customize virtually anything you want.  This is something that I filled a lot of people overlook when they are considering unlocking their phone.  Imagine being able to change the user interface, use the phone with any carrier that you would like, or even make additional changes to the way things work on your phone that you would normally not have access to if you were not going to unlock your phone.

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  • The Facebook app is one that has come under fire quite a bit in recent months for not running as many users feel the app for the most visited webs site in the world should They probably have a point as the Facebook app is riddled with bugs and other issues that Facebook just can not seem to get right. However, it appears that they are starting to address at least some of the bigger issues as the company has new released a new beta build for their Facebook app for BlackBerry devices such as unlocked Bold 9780, Torch 9800, etc... This is something that people have been waiting for for quite some time, and should address some of the larger issues that have been a problem thus far. The huge overhaul of the current app has been going on since the middle of March but this is the first time that the app is available for beta testing by the users.

    New Facebook App For BlackBerry Devices

    The update to version 2 will bring a number of different updates including the ability to use your Wi-Fi connection in conjunction with the app as well as giving the users the ability to receive push notifications from the app while they are connected to a Wi-Fi network.


    New Facebook App For BlackBerry DevicesSome of the more common bugs that have been reported with the app include freezing, an inability for users to be able to navigate seamlessly from one screen to another depending on the screen and the chat feature not working up to par with how many users feel that it should. Hopefully this update will be able to add new features as well as addressing some of the previous problems that many users have had with the app thus far. This is definitely good news for users of the BlackBerry app, which is a platform that has had the most problems with the Facebook app so far.

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  • Sources from BlackBerry have confirmed that version 6.1 of BlackBerry Desktop Manager might be coming in the very new future. The update will allow for compatibility with handsets that run the 6.1 version of the operating system. The app will allow users to better customize and make changes to their desktop to better suit their needs.

    One of the biggest additions from the update is the ability for the BlackBerry such as Bold 9780 and unlocked Torch 9800 to forget the previous devices that have been backed up and synced. This is a feature that has been highly anticipated from users of the service.


    A few screenshots of the new version of the software have made their way online that show a number of options that are available to users. You can set the Desktop Manager to ensure that the software will start up as soon as the device is connected, automatically check for updates to the software, and allow for Bluetooth connections to be made.


    This is a huge update that will bring a number of key features to the BlackBerry desktop software. One of the biggest inclusion in the update is the compatibility with OS 6.1, which had previously not been able to connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Software for BlackBerry Torch 9800, Curve 8520 unlocked, etc .

    Although this update does take care of a number of key issues, not every complaint was addressed with this update. Hopefully updates that correspond with software updates to the operating system will be much more timely moving forward. Some users have been waiting quite some time for these updates, and the compatibility with the desktop management software is a key feature for many users. The app also offers advanced offers for companies that use the BlackBerry Enterprise Service, and will allow for you to check and synchronize user certificates. It will be interesting to see if Research In Motion adds more features moving forward.

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