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Moshi for iPad
  • Touchanote is a new application for the Android based phone such as unlocked Samsung galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, etc.. that allows users to utilize the new NFC technology that a lot of different companies have brought to the forefront in recent times. They are responsible for bringing the popular notetaking software titled Evernote enter going to be bringing the mobile payment software to the application. It is good to see that they are looking to bring this technology to as many different applications and devices as possible as it is going to make things a lot easier for customers to be able to purchase items while they’re out and about.

    Touchanote To Bring NFC Support to Their Evernote App

    The application was originally started by a startup titled Wiseleap, which was able to take only total of a $50,000 grand prize at a recent developer conference that brings money to promising startups. This, along with the recent image sharing application acquisition Skitch, it appears that they Touchanote is really positioning themselves to be a player within the industry.


    They will be utilizing a combination of various NFC stickers along with a recent mobile application, and you can download both straight through the Touchanote website. One example of how you can utilize the new technology is to place a sticker on the fridge that also has a grocery list in the ever note application. This would allow you to launch your list through the phone by tapping or waving your device straight near the attack. This is a very interesting way to utilize the NFC technology and should make for an interesting new application that should give users a lot of control over their situation and had some very interesting new technology to their package.


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  • The new SoftBank 007SH KT might be the first Hello Kitty branded mobile device that we have ever seen. It is a device that has been rolled out by the handset Japanese mobile carrier and will allow for users to get their hands on the first Hello Kitty branded mobile device. There are currently two selling points, it is designed as a clamshell feature phone and currently runs on the Android operating system, and is also going to appeal to the Hello Kitty fans throughout Japan because it has the branding of that all over it.

    SoftBank 007SH KT New Hello Kitty Clamshell Android Phone

    SoftBank 007SH KT New Hello Kitty Clamshell Android Phone

    The phone is one of the most unique that we have seen in quite some time. It is produced by Sharp and features a 3.4 inch LCD touchscreen display that has an 854 x 480 resolution. It is well advanced in terms of specs that it is an interesting phone to say the least. It also has a 0.7 inch OLED sub display as well as a 16 megapixel camera that is capable of 1280 x 728 she video recording. It also comes complete with a digital TV tuner as well as Bluetooth tech knowledge.

    SoftBank 007SH KT New Hello Kitty Clamshell Android Phone

    The Hello Kitty brand is used throughout Japan and will definitely allow for many users to be able to pick up upon for their favorite red. If you are a fan of the cartoon cat, the menus and screens with the device are we arguing and you should have a fun time playing around with all of the different features. The phone even has special icons for the Hello Kitty brand, and will allow you to your hands on a very unique phone at a price that makes a whole lot of sense. They are planning on starting to ship the phone out to consumers at some point next month within Japan, and there is currently no plan to release the phone and other countries at this time.


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