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Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi


    T Mobile Unlimited Mobile to MobileThe telecommunications conglomerates of the United States are in a continual battle to win and retain customers with any number of promotions, gimmicks, technology and good old fashioned monopolistic practices.  practically all service providers engage customers by luring them with the latest smartphones and tie them in exclusive long term (typically 3 year contracts) which they provide voice and data service at exorbitant costs.

    In an era where there is a rapidly shrinking pool of “green field” customers that are not tied to a mobile carrier or cell phone provider, these carriers have to keep pace with one another.

    With this in mind, it is little wonder that T-Mobile has a rumor floating about regarding its cell phone plans.

    According to TmoNews, there are training materials being circulated in the company that give credence to the gossip that the country’s fourth largest wireless provider will finally be adding an “Unlimited Any Mobile” phone plan.

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    The add-on is expected to be available early next month and can be added to existing T-Mobile plans for a reasonable $10 a month. The one caveat is that there are some exceptions to plans this can be tacked on to. The good news is that there are no additional contractual agreements that need to be signed to enjoy the freedom of unlimited mobile to mobile talk time.

    AT&T customers currently have this kind of plan available when choosing a contract that includes unlimited text messaging and Sprint users have long enjoyed the benefit of free mobile to mobile.  But, as we move from call-centric mobile usage to increased messaging (SMS or MMS) one wonders if this is too little too late to retain and win back lost customers.

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    Hopefully, with the latest LTE 4G capable Nokia phones and up and coming tablets, T-Mobile will find its footing once again and keep the mobile market competitive and prevent technological monopolization that leaves consumers as the loser when their choices in plans, contracts and unlocked devices become more limited in their search for the best technology.

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