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Moshi for iPad
  • PureGear Kickstand and Holster BlackBerry z10 Black PureGear Kickstand and Holster for BlackBerry Z10 in Black


    If you've got your hands on a shiny new BlackBerry Z10, you're probably going to want to protect your favorite new gadget. And Pure Mobile's deal of the day is a slim and convenient accessory for Blackberry's latest. PureGear's Kickstand and Holster for BlackBerry Z10 combines the protection and practicality of a BlackBerry holster case with the protection of a hard case and easy viewing of a kickstand.

    This lightweight and durable travel case is designed like a holster, so your BlackBerry is protected while it's clipped to your belt, bag, or whatever else is handy. With the protection of a hard case, and a rubberized finish for extra grip, it allows you to slide your BlackBerry face-in, so there's no need for a screen protector either.

    Puregear Kickstand and Holster for BlackBerry Z10 in Black Puregear Kickstand and Holster for BlackBerry Z10 in Black


    Then, of course, there's the kickstand feature. The stand stays seamlessly flush with the rest of the case, snapping shut securely when it's not in use. And when you do want it, it easily slides open for either horizontal or vertical viewing.

    The screen on the new BlackBerry Z10 is among the best out there today, so it's the kind of phone you're definitely going to want to view media on. And an accessory with a built-in stand is just a logical choice for the latest BlackBerry, so extra points to PureGear on that score.

    But what makes the Kickstand and Holster case our deal of the day is its value. Marked down in our shop to just under $20 right now, you'll get a lot from this Blackberry accessory, but at a super cheap price. Protection, practicality, portability – it's got it all. So for your buck, you probably won't find a more complete package than this.


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  • Griffin GB35452 Survivor iPad 2/3/4 PL/Lavender

    Even when you know what you want, It's nice to have choices. And if you're among the growing number of people who feel Griffin's Survivor case is the obvious choice when it comes to protective carrying cases for iPad, it's good to know your accessory doesn't have to look like everyone else's.

    This week's mobile accessory of the week, the Survivor Case for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4, is among the best, as one would expect from Griffin. Touted as a "military-duty" accessory, it's designed to help your iPad survive even the harshest conditions, from drops, shocks and vibrations to sand, dirt and rain.

    Griffin GB35111 Survivor iPad 2:3 Acid GReen Black Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2/3/4 in Acid Green and Black


    With a rigid internal frame that has survived test drops of 6 feet on concrete, and a shock absorbing silicone outer than can withstand vibrations of up to 2,000 MHz for hours on end, you know the Survivor iPad case can handle whatever your tablet is going to face in an an ordinary day.

    And design details, like an integrated screen protector, multi-position kickstand, and easy-to-open port sealer show just how much thought Griffin has put into this iPad case.

    But what's extra nice is the fact that, unlike some other great iPad carrying cases, the Survivor doesn't just come in standard black or white. Instead, men and women alike will find tons of choice when it comes to color.

    From a punky acid green and black combo, to a sweet and regal lavender and purple mix, to the very sporty black and royal blue model, this is one iPad Case with many different personalities.

    Griffin GB35380 Survivor iPad 2/3/4 BK/Royal BL Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2/3/4 in Black and Royal Blue


    It's one thing to find all the specs you need for the best possible iPad protection, and quite another to find all that along with great styling and design. But with their Survivor Case for iPad, Griffin's thought of it all. And that's what makes it our top pick for mobile accessory of the week.

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    The first time you picked up that Galaxy S III at the store, you fell in love with it. It had such a sleek, smooth feel, and so thin… Your service provider had it in that gorgeous pebble blue color. Sold!

    Then the clerk recommended hiding its beauty with a case or skin and a screen protector. Really?

    Sorry to say, you have to consider it. Here are a few reasons:

    Drops. Your phone will fall out of your pocket or slip out of your hand at some point. Given that you are probably hanging out on the concrete more than at home on the carpet, you know even the strongest case is going to get damaged. (And if that dent is in a spot where you hold the phone, you’ll get irritated again every time you make a call.) Besides, a cracked screen would really ruin your day.

    Germs. You’ve heard the horror stories. Most devices carry more germs than a toilet seat. That’s not just an ugly rumor. Study after study proves it. If you’re bothered by that, clean your phone regularly. If you’re the kind of person who likes that Spring cleaning feeling, wrap your phone in a skin and change it out if it really gets gooey or stained. A screen protector is even easier to swap out, so you can do those even more frequently.

    Look. A white Case is a beauty, but sometimes you need to show some personality. You want to show a little red once in a while, but not all the time. That red skin will look really good over that marble white case during the holiday season.

    Price. Even on contract, that S III set you back $200. Replacing it would hit you for at least $500. For that kind of money, you could buy a skin for every day of the month.

    Cases are designed to be smooth. That makes them slippery. That makes them more likely to be dropped. Hmmmm. Maybe that’s another reason that manufacturers make them that way…

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  • In the past few months a United States Civil Rights Advocacy Group has launched a free down-loadable application for your Android Smartphone, your Apple iPhone 4S or any other Smartphone you may own to  own that allows you to secretly record police activity discreetly. The Civil Rights Advocacy Group is claiming that it will allow United States Citizens to “help boost police force accountability.” The New Jersey Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) states that "Police Tape," that is now available to the public, "allows people to securely and discreetly record and store interactions with police."

    Smartphone Applications allows users to film Police Officers

    The ACLU is also claiming that the “"an essential tool for police accountability.”

    "Too often, incidents of serious misconduct go unreported because citizens don't feel that they will be believed,” said the office's executive director Deborah Jacobs.

    The Smartphone application also allows users to send the file to the ACLU for safe-keeping and analysis and even contains legal advice on the rights of citizens confronted, detained or arrested by police officers. Unlike most traditional Smartphone recording applications, the Police Tape application will disappear from your Smartphone screen minimizing the risk that the police officers will even know or have known they've been recorded.

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  • By John Castell


    With the big mobile conference in Las Vegas this coming February that is certainly going to drum up a big buzz for the upcoming 2012 device releases; to this end, you may get inundated in the coming months about what the year will bring. With great mobile innovations like dual-core processors and 4G LTE brought to market in 2011, this year in review was impressive. While hard to trump, the 2012 line-up is being touted as bigger and better.  Here is a snapshot of unlocked cell phones to be dialed into.

    LG Optimus LTE
    Smartphones to Keep on Your Radar in 2012  and Other News

    LG is looking to break into the 2012 smartphone market with vengeance as some of the LG Cell Phone lineupe rocking the latest in Android OS: 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Using the power of social media, the manufacturer announced via Facebook that in the second quarter of 2012 a number of their LG  Optimus cell phones (the Optimus LTE, Optimus 2X Prada, Optimus Sol, Eclipse and myTouch Q) would have shiny and new Android platforms. Hopefully they will give us more information on up and coming accessories to keep pace with the new technologies.

    Apple iTunes annual giveaways

    Unlike the RIM app giveaway that ended December 31st, Apple is continuing their annual download giveaway through January 6th. The free music downloads were kicked off by Coldplay tracks and videos (no surprise as they feature materials from the Apple sponsored festival where the band performed). With the savings on downloads, customers will have a bit more pocket change to invest in an upgraded  screen protector or jazzier protective cases and skins.

    Santa Prefers Apple

    With sales numbers coming in, the eCommerce company, RichRelevance, has released numbers that indicate that iPhones and iPads accounted for a whopping 92% of mobile purchases made this December.   Let's not forget the consumer appeal for other Apple devices including MacBook and iPod This is a significant uptick from the numbers released in April 2011 by the same eCommerce firm. A mere eight months ago, the Cupertino based company made up 88% of non-desktop online shopping.  One has to wonder how much that would go up if Apple made unlocked smartphones more available to its adoring public.

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  • By Adhurim Murtezai
    We love the glitz and glamourous  glimpses of the Next Best Thing to hit the market; despite the fact that the consumer is the only factor that influences a product's market success.    So eager reader, here is another shot of teaser eye candy leaked from Hong Kong  -  the next generation Sony Xperia smartphone, codenamed Nozomi.  Compared to this beauty’s underground debut last month, the newest glimpse showcases this newest Xperia member in even better light.Next Genneration Sony Xperia - Hero Device or Flop?

    From the limited information that be can be gleaned, Nozomi appears to be running the new version of the Xperia skin. The Android Gingerbread OS looks to be the platform version du jour, but Ice Cream Sandwich is just around the corner. And, the three dots lined along the bottom of the screen are speculated as potential place holders for a future ICS upgrade. That remains to be seen.  Discover the latest innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands

    The informant was able to confirm that a dual-core chip powering this gem - hinting to a  Snapdragon S4.   As for the screen... it is  beautiful, clear 720pixels - protect your devices a screen protector to ensure scratch free glass and further enhance your devices with stylus & pens.  The Nozomi 's slim design can be personalized with high-quality skins and protected with trend-setting cases.

    While it is currently being tested in Asian markets, no announcements have been made for North American availability or whether Nozomi will be made more widely available as an unlocked cell phone.

    Will be sure to report the juicier details when they are made available, so stay posted!

    PureMobile has an accessory solution for every lifestyle.... This is personal. This is you. This is  Shopping Simplified.

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