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Tag Archives: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S unlocked

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  • The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
    Posted on May 5, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    This is a long name for a mobile cell phone but the Unlocked  Samsung I9000 Galaxy S will provide you a wonderful cell phone experience.  One quick look at the phone and you will know that this phone will be a will to deliver. It comes with many preloaded applications and features for today's cellular phone users. Samsung has definitely put some time and energy into the design of this phone to provide the consumer the features that they are looking for.

    The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S has a 4 inch touchscreen, which is great for being able to view all of your information. The AMOLED screen has 480x800 megapixels of resolution in order to provide a very clear picture. The phone also has the swipe that followed she and is multi-touch. It is supported by either the 2G or 3G network. It also works with the GSM and HSDPA systems. The overall design is thin and the unit does not weigh very much. This makes it easy to use and to be able to transport just about anywhere.

    Mobile cell phone users can be rest assured that this phone has all the features that we come to look for in new smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone makes it simple to be able to switch between different settings and has all of our messaging services available including alerts. The phone does have a 3.5 auto jack and the MP3 player. It is Bluetooth compatible and also does come with an installed speakerphone. You have the ability to utilize the large internal memory and can store unlimited data entries. The five megapixel camera has many of the new features take much better pictures. It gives you the ability to geo-tag and uses the smile and face detection features. You will not have to worry about blurry pictures as it does have auto focus.

    The Samsung I9000 is a great social networking phone and will be able to easily transfer messages and pictures using any of your texting, e-mailing and messaging features. This new android-based Samsung phone will provide the user just about everything that they are looking for in a new cell phone.

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