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Tag Archives: Samsung Galaxy Unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • In the Unlocked cell phone world, there has been news that the FCC has approved the Dell Venue.  This has caused confusion among many people who are anxious to buy a new phone.  What exactly will people have to look forward to when the Dell Venue is released?  The last thing they want is a rehash of another phone, something that many manufacturers have been getting away with.  True, new cell phone users might not mind a phone that is a carbon copy of something else, but experienced buyers want phones that are unique.

    Now some cell phone users are flocking to Microsoft’s website to determine the usefulness of the Dell Venue.  This will provide very basic information, but it does not give you an inside view.  Remember, retailers are always going to give a biased opinion about their products.  Their main goal is to sell, not to necessarily provide the best value.  And if you cannot see through the hype, you might be tempted to buy a phone that is not worth its investment.  This could mean wasting hundreds of dollars, depending on how much the phone costs.

    To relieve yourself of this problem, you should read reviews from everyday, ordinary people who have nothing to lose if you do not like the phone.  Through such reviews, you will get a better understanding of not only the specs, but also whether or not the phone is worth your time and money.

    In the case of the Dell Venue, you might have trouble finding decent reviews as many bloggers focus on electronics that have already been released.  Fortunately, one blog solves this problem.  It will tell you everything you need to know about the Dell Venue, including its specs and level of uniqueness.  From this information, you will know for sure if the Dell Venue phone is best for you.

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