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Tag Archives: Samsung Galaxy S II

Moshi for iPad
  • Hey, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 2 owners:  your Android 4.0.3 is ready for you. If you want it, you’ve got to go and get it yourself. Samsung requires you use their Kies software from a computer to download and install the update, so it’s not available directly to your cell phone.

    T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II owners: Android 4.0.3 is ready

    Now if you want to use it, you’ll need to work a little more to find what’s different about this Android version. Samsung’s TouchWiz touch interface looks pretty much the same as the last version, so the changes won’t be blatantly obvious.

    The Android 4.0 update incorporates the majority of the new features Google introduced with the Ice Cream Sandwich version for new devices. Learn how to install ICS on your phone from T-Mobile’s support page. To learn more about all the changes included in the new OS, T-Mobile has put together a detailed “Top 10 things to know about TouchWiz Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS): Samsung Galaxy S II” page on its site as well.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Samsung ’Breaks out the Bubbly for a Record 2011'!

    We applaud Samsung for surpassing the 300 million unit mark this year.  This is considerable growth over the previous 2010 when their sales totaled around the 280 million unit mark. This is a first in the company’s history and Samsung confirmed the sales reporting to Reuters. One can only assume that this success will translate into cornering more of the tablet market with  their family of Samsung Galaxy Tablets as well in the coming year.

    When reviewing the most recent report from the market research and analysis firm, Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s mobile phone sales to distribution channels in the third quarter alone this year was 88 million. Clearly mobile device and unlocked cell phones are playing a major role in this South Korean company’s success. Another consideration should be the Android platform as well. It allows for a more open, global reach, that can only increase mobile device and protective accessories sales worldwide.

    Samsung ’Breaks out the Bubbly for a Record 2011'!Android fans and tech savvy consumers continue to rave about the Samsung Galaxy S II cell phone which contributes to the stellar success of these smartphones for the company.  In fact, Samsung confirmed that its smartphone shipments last quarter totaled up to 27.9 million units. This number equates to another gold star for the company – it is now the number one smartphone vendor in the world by shipment volume. This success could in part be attributed to the availability of unlocked Samsung devices that create sales opportunities for those same savvy consumers in search of the most cost effective smartphone plan.  .   Accessories are designed to protect, personalize and enhance your mobile devices.  Discover the latest innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands

    While their market leadership and achievements allows Samsung to  bask in the spotlight...  they don’t intend to rest on their laurels. For as the company’s president and head of mobile business, JK Shin, stated Sunday, ”We look forward to extending this success going into 2012.”

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  • Virgin Mobile will now be allowing users to get the first month of their coverage free. this is the first time that they have offered this service to users, and should increase their user base by quite a bit. The company also opened their flagship Virgin store on Queen Street in Toronto, and as a result are giving some great deals on a number of recently released devices including the HTC Incredible S and unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II 4G.

    Virgin Allows For Users to Get First Month Free

    The ability to get a free first month only comes when users sign up for the $20 plan, and they will not have to pay for their plan until the second month. These users will have to sign up for a three-year plan that will consist of $20 or more with a credit for the first month. The company has said that this deal will only be lasting for a limited amount of time, and is not currently announced the end date for the promotional deal.


    Virgin Allows For Users to Get First Month FreeThis is some pretty good savings for users that are looking to sign up with Virgin Mobile, and shows that the company is really looking to bring in new users quickly with the restructuring of their retail business. It will be interesting to see if they offer any additional promotions in the future. They’ve been doing a good job of ensuring that they are able to garner new business through lowered rates and an extreme amount of press that they have received over the course of the last few weeks with the opening of their flagship tour in Toronto. The company has made it very clear that they are aggressively lowering their rates and expanding moving forward, and these types of deals will definitely help them to do so. It is good to see that they are offering these deals and are aggressively lowering their rates for users.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked cell phone and cell phone accessories such as Fun Gadgets and Screen protector.

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