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Tag Archives: Samsung Cell Phones

Moshi for iPad
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini
    Posted on May 21, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Sony has released one of the smallest android phones out there.  The Unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 Mini is a compact phone has taken the words to a whole new understanding.  It easily fits in the palm of your hand, and has maintained many of the qualities of its big brother, the Xperia x10.  The overall measurements are 3.27" x 1.9".  It has a thickness of .63 inches, which makes it very small and slim phone, which Sony Ericsson has kept the curved design feature, make it a great phone to hold..

    The Xperia x10 Mini has a 2.55-inch capacitive screen with QVGA resolution, and uses the Android interface, known as UX utilizing Timescape UI.  This allows the user a better experience as well as integrating with web services and social media.  Since the screen is so small, you will not be able to have more than one widget at a time, but this does not seem to be a liability.  There are four shortcuts you applications in the home screen, which you can also change, based on your preferences.  Surprisingly, the small phone even sports a five megapixel camera, including a flash, auto focus and geo-tagging.  It also has video capability, which can be utilized in the 640x480 pixel resolution.

    The  Xperia X10 Mini from is able to surf the web extremely smoothly, but small screen size sometimes it is a little hard to read.  It will work with the 3G, Wi-Fi networks, and this smart phone, with the touchscreen capability is a fast and extremely functional phone. It is Bluetooth supported and has A-GPS, digital compass and a 3.5mm audio jack.  This may be too small to phone for some people with larger hands, but it can be utilized by everyone.  It is expected that the phone will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2010.  Its sister phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro Unlocked Gadget.

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  • Unlocked Samsung released the (Gravity 2) in a response to all of those that wanted a great messaging phone.  It is a newer model of the Gravity from Samsung and is not only a candy bar style phone, but also has the slide out keyboard.  The great pumpkin color and the slim design make it easy to handle.  The phone is 4.5 inches x 2.5 inches and is .60 thick.  It makes it very easy to carry the phone and to hold.  The screen provides 2.3 inches of viewing and has a 240x320 mega pixel screen resolution.

    The Samsung Gravity 2 is great for those looking for a cellular phone with enhanced messaging features, and all of the phone functions to make life easier.  The front of the phone has three larger keys for sending receiving and messaging.  The outer ring of the ok button will give you the ability to navigate your social media contacts as well as your call logs.  There is a lot of room in between the keys and they are raised in order to be able to access them much easier.  There is a data entry book that will allow you to store over 1000 entries and giving you the ability to store all kinds of great information about your family and friends.  The phone will let you do predictive text, which makes messaging just that much simpler.

    The Samsung Unlocked ( Gravity 2) gadget uses the 3G network and is Bluetooth ready.  It comes with A-GPS application with term by turn directions.  It has all of the wonderful media features, and streaming videos is quite simple.  The phone has a two megapixel camera with zoom and all people shot features.  It also has an MP3 player, which you will feel to download and store all of your favorite music and you can even choose your favorite song as background music for your phone.  The battery life gives you 5.5 hours of talk time and over 12 days of additional standby time.  This phone is in an affordable price range and is a great social media and messaging mobile phone device.

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  • Sony Ericsson Unlocked gadgets has been asked really busy since the conference in Barcelona a few months ago.  They have not only release the Xperia X10, the X10 Mini but also the Mini Pro.  This small phone is elegant and slim, while being able to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand as well as your pocket or purse.  It has all of the multi-platform features and functions of the Xperia as well.

    The Unlocked  Xperia Mini Pro by Sony Ericson has the four icons on the main screen of this touchscreen smart phone and you can access the widgets for all of the features that you use often.  What is great about this particular phone is the fact that it also has a four QWERTY keyboard that slides out.  The phone has the curved features like its other siblings so that it is easy and comfortable to hold.  The interface that it uses is the Timescape, which helps to bring all of your communications integrated into workplace.  In addition, it also has the musicscape application so that you can keep all of your music organized and together one place.  You are able to download from all of your favorite websites, and it displays the songs information while it is plain.

    The five-megapixel camera has auto focus, zoom and geo-tagging, which will provide clear and wonderful pictures that you are able to directly send to your friends using all of your messaging features.  You can purchase additional applications from the android market, which is constantly being updated.  It will give you 3.5 hours of talk time and up to 360 hours of standby time.  This small package carries a lot of power and keeps Sony Ericsson, a major player in the Mini style of phones.

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  • Rumors are starting to fly surrounding the price of the upcoming myTouch 3G Slide Phone from T-Mobile.  Recent speculation has this new device hitting retail stores with a price of $399.99 on an Even More Plus plan and $149.99 with an Even More plan after a $50 mail in rebate.  This is also an option to pay $23 per month over 20 months.  While this is the same price T-Mobile is asking for the original and slide-less myTouch 3G I am not so sure that these rumors are accurate.  Also, this new T-Mobile handset was originally set to be released on June 2nd but it is sounding more and more like it will be released on June 16th.

    While it would be great if the new myTouch 3G Slide was released as the same price as the original myTouch 3G it is unlikely that a newer and better device will be released for the same price.  I would expected the myTouch 3G Slide to be slight more expensive than the original but not too much more where it would scare off consumers.

    It is nice to finally get a gauge of what the new myTouch 3G Slide will be priced when it is finally released by T-Mobile.  From these initial rumors it looks like this new handset is going to be one of the more affordable Unlocked  Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1 devices to be released this summer.  Hopefully T-Mobile is able to release this product on June 2nd as some people are speculating so consumers will not have to wait much longer to get their hands on this fantastic smartphone.   If the release date does end up being June 16th I guess that won’t be too big of a deal.  We have waited this long so another 2 weeks shouldn’t be too hard to get through, right?

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