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Tag Archives: samsung captive unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • With trends in modern technology emphasizing portability and personal convenience, many cellular devices are now being created to serve all imaginable needs, for every imaginable facet of life. Amidst this new wave of Smartphone’s, one of the most widely anticipated and critically acclaimed model is known as the Samsung captivate, released by AT&T. It was created with the competitive market in mind, and now stands as one of the most technologically advanced Smartphone’s available to the general public, proving to even be a match for the Unlocked  iPhone4.

    At its most basic, the  Samsung Captivate features a 1GHz processor, allowing for a great deal of versatility in downloadable applications and internet content. It feature easy-to-access master volume and power buttons, in the same traditional locations as would be found on any contemporary Smartphone, with the vast majority of the phone’s others functions carried out by the four inch touch screen.  The screen features brand new Touchwiz 3.0 technology, which essentially allows the containment of a miniature computer in the palm of your hands. Users can drag and drop application and folders, with the new technology allowing the user to arrange numerous home screens at the same time, with up to seven available for one’s completely personalized use. The phone does not come immediately cluttered with Apps and the phone’s owner can customize each homepage with a wide variety of widgets and Apps at any time, with widgets built into the notification bar, something that would have originally required for users to download other software to do. Amongst the numerous widgets that have been included are a calendar clock, a yahoo financial clock, and many more, such as quick links to your FaceBook or MySpace account and just about any other social networking website that one may take part in.

    Of the pre-installed Apps, the Samsung captivate unlocked Handset includes Allshare, several AT&T related applications, instant messaging services, and mobile banking services. As with most Smartphone’s, the amount of apps pre-included may seem overwhelming to new users of the phone, but is fairly easy to get used to and leaves the user with 1.7 gigabytes of free space still left over on their phone. With all the applications and computer-like capabilities available in the phone, one must remember that it still is essentially a phone. The phone call quality is very clear, with only the slightest of variations based on location. For those subscribing to the AT&T network, the Samsung Captivate is sure to be an excellent buy, providing state-of-the-art quality in its every use.

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