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  • PSN comes Back
    Posted on May 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    PSN  (PSN comes back) has been down for so long that many users forgot what it was once like to take their PlayStation 3 online and play games with their friends. However, now they are rolling out updates and have put together a huge security patch to ensure that the hacking that the company suffered would not happen again. In the early goings of the hack, the network went down and Sony was mostly silent while they took a look at the damage that had been caused. After quite some time, they stated that they believed that some credit card numbers had been broached, and the federal government got into the investigation. Other personal information was leaked as well. In all, over one hundred million user accounts were compromised.

    PSN comes Back

    The firmware update has created some problems of its own. After Sony put the update out there, users were asked to change their passwords. Sony said that it would take some time for the update to roll out across the country, and that they would be rolling it out in segments to ensure that no further issues were experienced.


    It is clear that Sony has to win the trust of their customers back again. Already the leak of all of that sensitive data has caused quite a firestorm, with federal authorities investigating who might have been behind the attack. Sony has remained quiet but open throughout the process and has released a number of public relations videos detailing what they are doing to win back their customers and to help them turn around their image in the wake of one of the biggest leaks that the country has ever seen.

    PSN comes Back

    Although the company has made their efforts as clear as possible, there are still those that believe that they were wronged in the process and the outcry around the Internet has affected the way that many view the company. Now they must attempt to win back customers faith that they may have potentially lost with the caption "PSN comes back" .

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