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Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi
    Sony is taking full heed of the old adage - « Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. » While this is not  quite how the phrase was made notorious by former President George W. Bush, but it is a sentiment that Sony Ericsson customers can relate to.  Way back when Android released v1.6 (time being relative in the technology world) for the Sony Xperia X10, customers experienced an unnecessary amount of pain when attempting to upgrade their smartphones’ operating system.Sony Ericsson Treads Lightly in Introducing Android 4.0 ICS to Customers

    Prior to November 14th Sony Ericsson did not have access to the Android 4.0 ICS sourcecode, so they pulled up their shirtsleeves and began adapting their different devices.  Since  the code was optimized to work with Texas Instrument chipsets, there were some inevitable delays as Sony Ericsson rewrote most of the code from Hardware Abstraction Layer in order to interoperate with Qualcomm’s hardware.  In a heart-warming display of corporate collaboration... this software coding  is being shared with Android and its open source project – perhaps hinting at a willingness to pursue carrier neutrality with unlocked cell phone releases in the future.

    The behind-the-scene coding work ensured that the migration to the Gingerbread v2.3 was, like its name, sweeter and smoother, with significantly less customer trepidation.  Moving forward,  Sony Ericsson has opted to makeover all the 2011 Xperia devices with the Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS v4.0 - across all their Xperia brand portfolio -  Sony Xperia Mini Pro, Sony Arc, Sony Ray, Sony Cedar and Sony Play). For those Xperia smartphone users that prefer more tangible upgrades, a physical makeover with updated protective cases and skins may be more satisfying while waiting for the ICS OS release.

    In their efforts to effectively communicate the upcoming upgrades, Sony Ericsson has been very open with customers. This is great and all, but consumer impatience is setting in. After all, it's the season for instant gratification - even if that new speaker dock for your smartphone has to sit on the closet shelf for a few weeks. To top off the impatience, some users still have some lingering concerns based on the Android 1.6 incident.

    In  true technology-forward fashion, Sony Ericsson released a detailed blog post which outlining the timeline of events for the ICS OS roll out. There is no firm date on when the ICS upgrades will be available to end-users as their mobile devices go through rigorous internal testing and then testing externally to receive certification from the various carriers.

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  • By Megan Fleet

    While the reign of carrier-dedicated smartphones is still in effect, the is a ever-growing contingent of rebel consumers wanting to liberate themselves from the typical long term high cost service contracts only offered by unlocked cell phones. Alas, with this rather feudal system still imposed on consumers, market analysts and watchdog agencies alike continue to monitor and gauge consumer spending and behavior trends what devices will be top sellers this holiday season..

    iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II Dominate in Carrier Sales

    Analyst Mike Walkley and his team ran the numbers - no surprise that Apple’s iPhone 4S came in as the best-selling smartphone across all carriers November. The Samsung Galaxy S II is gaining in popularity and the increase in sales reflects it. The inspired handset was November’s top-selling smartphone at T-Mobile and rocketed to take 2nd place at AT&T and Sprint. The Motorola DROID RAZR is also worth mentioning for its 2nd place showing at Verizon - this writer loves the Gorilla Glass on this handset for us clumsy smartphone owners – iPhone users must have protective cases with the very shatter-prone glass.  Data is still being compiled for the BlackBerry 9900 Bold.

    To explain the continued sales strength of the iPhone 4S, Walkley explains “strength continues as distribution increases – our November checks indicated iPhone sales remained strong in the US, particularly at ATT&T and Sprint. Further, our checks indicated global share gains.” Global numbers will only grow with Apple introducing its darling to huge markets this December: China, Brazil, and Russia. Analyst also predict a strong consumer and market acceptance for tablets... in particular the Apple iPad 3G, Samasung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, HTC Jetstream with the BlackBerry PlayBook bringing up the rear.

    iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II Dominate in Carrier Sales

    Paired with the analyst’s report of the apple iPad2 retaining its billing of “world’s top-selling tablet,” this news is great for online retailers. Designer protective cases & bags, skins, stylus & pens, and even screen protectors are hot must-haves that the global consumer will jump on. Thanks to the world wide web and globalization, their online shopping options seriously opens up their ability to customize their devices with accessories.

    Unfortunately, good news for Apple and Samsung does not translate into good news for their competitors. RIM and HTC, both who have seen their sales and product demand decrease after the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II launches. With negative reception of product pre-announcements by both RIM and HTC, a little rebranding, positive press and innovative accessories and technology developments are in order.

    The holiday race is far from over though and the unlocked smartphone consumer market could easily help make up the difference for these lagging device manufacturers. Something we hope they keep in mind when brainstorming a comeback.

    iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II Dominate in Carrier Sales

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