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Moshi for iPad
  • AT&T customers have waited long enough and finally appear to have the chance to buy the Unlocked Palm Pre.  The wait has been so long for these AT&T customers that the device is now actually called the Palm Pre Plus and the company Palm itself was bought out by HP.  However, it now appears that this device will be available starting May 16th for most of the nation with continued planned rollouts expected in the weeks following until it is available nationwide.  There was no mention from AT&T about a free 3G mobile hotspot capability like the one that was offered by Verizon but you will have free access to AT&T’s network of 20,000+ fixed hotspots.  The only piece of information that we need now is price AT&T plans on selling the Palm Pre for.  This will be an interesting thing to note given the fact that Verizon Wireless recently announced they will be selling the same device for only $30 with a 2 year contract.

    It has also been mentioned around the internet rumor mills that AT&T will be rolling out its 3G MicroCell from coast to coast on the same day.  This announcement would make a lot of sense as this Palm Pre Unlocked device is expected to increase the amount of load on AT&T’s network with the various web browsing and data using features included with this device.  The main selling point of the Palm Pre is that it can also be used as a wireless networking device which will surely add a lot more traffic to AT&T’s already strained 3G network.  By releasing the 3G MicroCell product on the same day will hope to alleviate any potential problems that might occur from more users being the on AT&T’s network with a web browsing friendly smartphone.

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