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  • Free Palms-best offer ever
    Posted on July 9, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Marketing plays an enormous role in a company’s ascent towards a brighter tomorrow and the best of these organizations provide us with the best of deals. As the company grows in stature, the deals offered gets smarter and concerned company gets even more flexible and all the less stingy. And talking of flexible, the latest wow offer in the market is HP providing for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi sets to those who avail AT&T and Verizon. This is absolutely splendid break of events for those who wanted a taste of Palm after it became a part of HP. Can the offer be more attractive? And to top it all Verizon faithful with Unlocked Palm Pre Plus will be granted a free Bluetooth headset. Sprint clients will not have any such exclusive offers at hand and will have to cough up almost hundred dollars for Pre and more than ten bucks for Pixi.

    As the various world powers in technology push for better updates and move forward with the requirements of a better tomorrow, HP is right up there with the elites. As an appended bonus to the free unlocked cellphones, HP is all set to launch its webOS 1.4.5. Although critically speaking it is only a small update to its previous running version, it does mends and improvises where the former failed to gain ground. It fixes some of the more controversial elements such as text inputs when it comes to web pages. It also strengthens the security by quite a bit, which was a major issue in its former running version and forms better support and stability for webOS plug-in Development Kit.

    In all possibilities, this is the new talked about hardware from Palm, with the better and improved version of webOS. It is clear that HP is in all intent clearing away their stocks to make room for the new ones. So it would be exciting to see what exactly is in store for us.

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