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Tag Archives: Motorola Milestone unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • Verizon and Motorola Offer Up Smart Phone
    Posted on September 13, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Although many have believed that we were in the post-PC for quite some time, it appears that some of the same tips are coming back around. Now, some tipsters who have been dealing with the companies have stated that both are rising as well as Motorola are now suggesting to users that if they are having problems with their Smart device, that they restarted at lease once per day. This will reportedly allow users to run a much more smooth operation in regard to their Smart device. According to these individuals, they have stated that because your phone such as Motorola Spice, unlocked Motorola Milestone XT720, etc.. has the capability of my computer, it requires the same ones that they restart in order to be sure that no further issues crop up.


    However, there’re multiple different reasons why someone might want to restart their phone in the same way that they would restart the computer. Keep in mind that a smart phone is not a computer, it is a mobile device. These devices should be able to run for several days at a time without being hindered. You would think that they would have something in mind to ensure that this does not happen, and that restarting your phone does not become something that they start to recommend to people in the same way that they did in the past.

    Verizon and Motorola Offer Up Smart Phone

    Although it was commonplace to recommend this type of thing for PC issues, recommending this type of thing for mobile devices is a whole new ballgame. You would think that a lot of people would be willing to come up with better ways to fix these types of issues. Hopefully this will not become the standard way of helping users to fix their performance issues with their mobile devices moving forward. It would be a shame zone and PC recommendations were to come back around for use with mobile devices. You think that by now they’re entirely new recommendations for these types of issues.


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  • Google released some interesting figures today regarding the percentage of their users, and what version of their Android operating system that they are currently running. Stunningly, the information states that 83% of their users are currently running Android 2.2 or better, suggesting that Unlocked Motorola Milestone Android users are very likely to keep up on their updates, much more so than other platforms have previously reported.

    Along with the 83% of the users that are currently running 2.1 or better, most of their users are actually running the newest version of the software, version 2.2, which 43% of their users are running. Most mobile operating systems are not able to garner anywhere close to this number of users running the latest version of the software, especially when the updates require that the cell phone companies release their own updates for their devices. The 2.2 update was in high demand when it was first released and has received quick attention from a number of different carriers and phone developers.

    This makes it easier for Google to release updates for the their operating system, especially since they do not have to worry about huge upgrades for users that are still running on older versions of their operating system. Currently more than 10% of their user base is running Android 1.6 and 6% of their user base is currently running Android 1.5.

    The numbers are fairly surprising overall. The nature of the market will always ensure that 100% of users are not running updated software, but a total of 83% using the last two versions of Android shows that users know how to upgrade their devices and are interested in the features that have been made available by Google through recent updates.

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  • Motorola Shows Video of Droid 2
    Posted on November 15, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Just in case you have not been excited enough about the release of the Unlocked Motorola Milestone Droid 2, then you can continue reading this to get even more excited.  All this previous excitement, of course, came from all of the products commercial appearances, photos, videos, web appearances, rebate forms, etc.  This handset has definitely got a ton of publicity over the past few months, so obviously there have been a lot of people excited about it coming out.  Recently, people have received yet another teaser of the Droid 2.

    Motorola has just recently posted a hype-video on YouTube showing the computing prowess of their new popular handset.  Even though most of the features of this phone have already been expressed in several different advertisement forms, you can probably brush up your memory by watching this video.  People that have watched the video say that it includes some more stuff that they have not learned about yet, so it would definitely be worth watching in my opinion.

    So far, the video has over 22,000 views with several different comments.  Motorola certainly has a niche for being able to make people excited about their products.  You can place a safe bet that this product will be flying off the shelves upon its release.  Unfortunately, some countries such as Germany will not be selling the Motorola Milestone Droid 2 Unlocked as of yet.  As you can guess, even Germans are excited to get their hands on the product.  Many are quite jealous as well that they will not be able to for some time though.  There has been no official release date yet for this product, but many people expect that it will be out very soon.  Kick back, watch the video, and get even more excited.  Before you know it, you will finally get your hands on this knock out product.

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