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Tag Archives: Microsoft Hotmail App Available for Android

Moshi for iPad
  • The web based Hotmail application by Microsoft has been a staple online for a very long time. We’ve seen very few updates and things seem to be more or less of the same. With of 365 million users you would think that Microsoft would try and leverage their base into applications that are more mobile friendly.

    Microsoft recently held a press conference called Give Hotmail a Second Look. It was designed as an event to showcase some new features of the service. Most were expecting and hoping for a radically change in the user interface to compete better with Google Gmail and other popular email based programs. Instead the new features are mostly under the hood and based around syncing you email with other devices such as unlocked cell phone like unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY 3G.Microsoft Hotmail App Available for Android

    The biggest announcement is the launch of an Android app for Hotmail. The main features of the app are support for calendar and contact syncing as well as 2-way email. You can now also automatically categorize you mail into folders and easily trash any email you no longer wish to receive. Microsoft will even assist in the process by communicating with the sender for you that you are no longer interested in getting email from them. Another important feature is the ability to flag messages. Think of it similar to the Google priority inbox, you can make certain emails from certain people more important. There is also a useful scheduling feature where you can set instructions / filter up to automatically process emails a certain why once it hit a certain date.

    The user interface has stayed the same but the new features are important to note as they help email management be a lot easier and also is starting to support native devices such as mobile phones like unlocked Samsung Nexus S. We assume that Microsoft will continue on the path of updating its services to stay in line with the times.

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