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  • Mac Pro to Sport New Intel Chipset
    Posted on February 21, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    By Megan Fleet

    MacBook Pro New Intel Chipset

    What a nice change of pace to hear news about major improvement’s to Apple’s newest version of its MacBook Pro!   With mobile technology more prevalent in our daily lives, consumers are used to being inundated with updates of the latest tablets, smartphones and the like. And while Apple has done a great job of branding its Macs, we just don’t get as many updates on them.

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    So without further ado, an anonymous source spoke to MIC Gadget about the possibility of Apple switching back to NVIDIA as the primary GPU of its upcoming Mac Pro. That change is not the only one expected with the latest version of the company’s swanky offering. Reports also indicate that the new Mac Pro will sport Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge chipset. This will result in a faster, more efficient processor than the Sandy Bridge processor thanks to 22 nanometer transistor technology.

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    These new chips also address the overheating issues that have been problematic with past models with a 30% increase in heat dissipation efficiency. According to the MIC Gadget report there is some testing of 8-core processors with 20MB of cache that would really add some zoom zoom to the Mac Pro.

    As it is typically the more creative and aesthetically driven set that reaches for Macs (artists, musicians, writers and the like), they will be pleased to know that NVIDIA’s “Kepler” platform was chosen for the graphics (this platform is slated to launch approximately the same time at the new Intel CPUs this year). But, as Apple doesn’t plan to unveil its latest Mac Pro line until third quarter of this year, additional details and changes are bound to come our way before the finished product hits shelves. Perhaps we will see peripheral devices at this year’s Mobile World Congress that will tie in Apple’s personal computer offerings to their strong line iYouNameIt.

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